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15 Post Breakup Activities to survive and heal

It’s a shock that your fairytale is ending. The man you was thinking of him as the ONE is not anymore? You need to make sure you won’t fall in any of the break-up traps most of us fall into. Here is our redracc prescription for post-breakup survival.

1. Never Fake it: Don’t pretend you are fine; it will backfire later.


2. Cry: Let your sadness out, cry and mourn the death of a relationship you once admired (but don’t overdo it).

3. Remove & Block: Hide or block your ex from all the social media, and don’t ever stalk him. It’s just not worth it. Control yourself.

4. Declutter: Get rid of everything (including gifts) that reminds of any memories to avoid any heartbreaks later.

5. Do what you love: Find something you love and do it more frequent; dance, draw, write or yoga.

6. Travel: Remember that trip you always wanted to do? It’s the perfect time for it now. Go on a solo trip and meet yourself there.


7. Revive Friendships: Catch up with old buddies you might have lost connections with amidst your busy lives. Hang out and hear from them.

8. Journal: Keep records of your thoughts, write a daily journal to let your emotions out and watch your healing progress.

9. Say NO: Don’t ever EVER bounce into another relationship quickly. No matter how good the person is, it’s just not the right time for it.

10. Meditate: Take care of your spiritual side, pray, breathe, meditate and build a stronger relationship with God and yourself.

11. Get Fit: Go on a diet/fitness plan it will make you feel better, look better and boost your confidence.

12. New Look: Try out a new look you have always wanted to try. Just wait for a week to be wise enough.


13. A Pet: Get a pet and take care of it. It is a fact that animals help you heal emotionally.

14. Read: Start reading an awesome book and make a reading list.

15. Forgive and forget: Forgiving doesn’t mean you are letting them into your life again. It means you let go of anger and move on with your life.


Never regret it, everything you experience is part of who you are today.

15 Post Breakup Activities to survive and heal




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