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30 Simple Acts of Kindness You Need to Do During Ramadan!

Take a moment to imagine last Ramadan. Imagine everything you did with the details. From the simple acts you did to others to the donations. You have a new opportunity to challenge yourself to be a better individual. Not only in Ramadan, you should be the best version of yourself all year long. You need to challenge yourself with a plan where you will be good to people as well as yourself. Ramadan is actually, for some people, a chance to change, but unfortunately, changes don’t last for a long time. People usually forget and regress. Try to adopt new good habits that will stick with you. Being a good person is not only for yourself but it’s also for the people around you and the community that you live in.

Let’s get prepared with an all-new ’30 random acts of kindness’ list that you can do every day, anywhere and to everyone. This is the best time to refresh your soul by trying these simple acts with the purpose of helping others.

  1. Send Duaa’ message to your beloved ones at Fajr time every day.
  2. Smile to whoever you meet.
  3. Visit orphanages.
  4.  Feed a fasting person.
  5. Cook Iftar and Suhoor instead of your mother.
  6. Giveaway bottles of water and dates to people to break their fast with.
  7. Leave positive sticky notes to your co-workers.
  8. Give up your queue spot at the grocery store, bank or anywhere else.
  9. Donate blood, food, books, money, electronics, old clothes or anything that no longer serves you.
  10. Volunteer at any charity of your choosing.
  11. Make a daily Sadaqa plan.
  12. Give up a parking spot at work or any other place to someone else and park away.
  13. Give someone a ride in your car and save them from the excruciating heat of the summer.
  14. Gift your beloved ones with Ramadan notebooks.
  15. Leave money, food or anything else in a public place with note “FREE for everyone”.
  16. Help random strangers in the street, someone might need help fixing a flat tire.
  17. Pick up trash that you see anywhere and be a friend of the environment.
  18. Invite a friend to the Masjid for prayer.
  19. Make Eid cards for your friends, family, and even strangers.
  20. Donate used Islamic books to any Masjid.
  21. Support charity campaigns.
  22. Buy medicine for patients in local hospitals.
  23. Forgive people for their mistakes.
  24. Buy Eid clothes for an orphan.
  25. Collect money or items for your favorite charity.
  26. Feed the birds.
  27. Give up your seat on the bus to someone else.
  28. Help sick animals to find homes.
  29. Buy new things and donate it.
  30. At the end be kind to yourself. 🙂

After doing some of these acts, you will be addicted to how good it feels, and you will most certainly adopt many of these gestures in your daily ventures. Set your own intentions and plan and get ready. And always remember, it isn’t only about keeping away from food and drink, but it’s about transforming into a decent, and humane human being to others and to thyself.

30 Simple Acts of Kindness You Need to Do During Ramadan!


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