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50 Things You Can Do When You Feel Bored!

Boredom has been my enemy for months, even though I’m one of the busiest people you will ever meet. I’m always doing something, either at work, or with friends, or doing some sort of activity. But I also happen to be one of those people who get bored and tired of something quite easily, and I know that there are tons of people out there like me. I started looking for ideas of things I can do in my spare time, something to change my mood. As a result, I came up with a list of 50 activities that I had written down for other people to benefit from too. They’re so simple, and could be done everywhere.

1- Watch a movie.

2- Organize your phone apps.

3- Organize and declutter your room and/or working space.

4- Workout.

5- Go Shopping.

6- Re-decorate your home.

7- Write your thoughts.

8- Paint your nails.

9- Look for DIY projects to engage in.

10- Subscribe to an online course.

11- Create music playlists to hear at the gym, while going to work, and so on.

12- Call someone you love to talk on the phone.

13- Buy a gift for someone.

14- Update your resume.

15- Complete a puzzle.

16- Meditate.

17- Dance.

18- Take pictures of beautiful things you like.

19- Set your monthly budget.

20- Start writing new things in your bucket-list.

21- Paint and draw. You don’t have to be Picasso, try by buying coloring books for adults.

22- Take a bubble bath.

23- Listen to music.

24- Play with kids.

25- Try learning new makeup techniques.

26- Plan your vacation.

27- Eat food you love.

28- Write online positive reviews on places you visited recently.

29- Visit new places with friends or family.

30- Cook yourself a nice meal.

31- Have w nice nap.

32- Cruise around with your car.

33- Read a new book.

32- Visit educational places like the museum.

33- Take long road trips. You can go to Alexandria for example and get back to Cairo on the same day.

34- Get new plants and flowers for your home.

35- Organize your weekly outfits to save time while preparing yourself to go out.

36- Pray.

37- Online shopping.

38- Binge-watch your favorite series.

39- Learn a new language.

40- Get a new haircut or dye your hair.

41- Get a massage session.

42- Watch an animated movie.

43- Research new fun applications to download on your phone.

44- Sing.

45- Scream.

46- Check restaurants and cafes online to visit soon.

47- Design one of your clothes.

48- Pamper yourself by doing a face mask.

49- Make a gratitude log/list.

50- Search for a new business idea to make money from.

This long list will surely give you plenty of ideas on how to spend your free days and get yourself out of ‘that’ mood. Boredom will no longer be in your life. I hope your days are always busy and productive with this list.

50 Things You Can Do When You Feel Bored!


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