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6 Cool Co-working Spaces around New Cairo

Are you running a business and still not having your own office? Before you hold your team meetings in a coffeeshop, consider a co working space. They’re more affordable, full of entrepreneurs like you, and probably cooler than any cafe. Here are 7 spaces to check out around new Cairo and Maadi.

1. District Spaces

District’s vision is to create a promising community with like minded individuals who will change the world to a better place.

Location: 51B Egypt-Helwan Elzeraey Road, Maadi

2. Makanna

Makanna is a sociocultural learning hub that facilitates human Potential, Innovation, and Art.

Location: Street 29- Off Road 90, 2nd District, Tagmoa Al Khamis

3. Chameleon Coworking

At Chameleon Coworking, they are always questioning how can they adapt to the needs of the community. And this is why they chose the Chameleon because it can adapt to its surroundings by changing colors.

Location: 109 Al Banafseg 6.

4. Upstairs

An elegant work space closer to a business lounge than a co working space yet perfect for large scale meetings and training sessions.

Location: Villa 36, Narges One District, 2nd Floor, Suite 5, New Cairo

5. Fablab Egypt

Fab Lab Egypt (a member of Massachusetts Institute of Technology Fab Lab global network) is a non-profit, non-governmental, community-run public maker space and digital fabrication lab where anyone can gather to share knowledge, and collaborate on projects.

Location: Villa 35 – 100 St. – Near Al Horia Square – Maadi

6. Pixels MakerSpace

Building a community of makers or superheroes, this is the vision of Pixels MakerSpace. They have all what it takes from facilities (making space, electronics lab, osciliscope, signal genrator, 3D printer, laser cutter, PCB lab, meetings rooms)
Location: 108 st, Hadayeq Al Maadi

6 Cool Co-working Spaces around New Cairo




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