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8 Types of negative personalities you definitely know one of them

Every day we meet a lot of negative people and they’re so clever in seeing the negative side of things that they leave zero room for positive things to grow.
Let’s see 8 types of these negative personalities you definitely know at least one of them:

1- The Drama Queen

They never see themselves drama queens, but they always make a big deal out of anything or actually for no apparent reason. Sometimes you feel like some of them really have to perform their drama on a stage in front of an audience, because even if it’s something doesn’t need all these pointless drama, they’re spreading their drama everywhere.
Don’t let them get to you and turn your life into drama!

El Nekadeya
El Nekadeya

2- The Hopeless Case

This character is extremely negative as he has no hopes for life and no ambitious. his life is very boring as he is waiting for everything to happen, while sitting doing nothing, because he just feels a little depressed and every year is like the year before; However he doesn’t even try to change his daily routine and get out of this shit to change his life to be better.
Stay away from this personality they can really get you down!

Enta 3abet yala walla eh?
Enta 3abet yala walla eh?

3- The Pessimistic

This personality is probably the worst negative personality. They’re very clever in showing you many examples of people who tried similar things in the past and failed miserably. What these people have in common is an ungrateful spirits they take Pessimism and negativity to a whole new level.
It’s better to keep distance from those pessimistic people because they’ll make your life miserable.

Ana mutsha2em mutsha2em gedn
Ana motsha2em motsha2em gedn

4- The Weak

Another type of negative personalities is the weak person who is always afraid to talk, object, or even debate about anything that is related to his life. He is just letting people around him control his life and dreams, even if those dreams weren’t the ones he wished to achieve, he is just following them without thinking & afraid to express his opinion
This type is different, if you can advice them and can change their set of mind you definitely made a very important achievement, if you couldn’t you better leave them facing troubles later and regretting for not listening to your advice.

Say3ni ya 3atef

5- The “I have everything you don’t have”

This is the kind of a person who is talking with you a lot about himself and how he achieved his plans and how he feels bad for you for not achieving any of his goals even if his goals weren’t your same goals & it’s nothing for you.
Never let their negative energy frustrate you and make you give up easily on your dreams.

Ana 3ndi menha talata, Sarwat abu talata
Ana 3ndi menha talata, Sarwat abu talata

6- The Lazy

The negativity here with the aimless lazy person who doesn’t try to change his life although he is facing a real problem and he knows that, but he has no willpower or determination to solve or change his problems.
You can just ignore personalities like these, because no matter how much you tried to help them to change, they will find an explanation to justify their failure.

Kol 7aga b3melha bes3obaa ela el akl
Kul 7aga b3melha bes3ooba ela el akl

7- The Frustrated Person

This person will always frustrate you and kill your dreams, because he doesn’t care about how much you’re trying to set your goals and reach your dreams, since he doesn’t believe in you & in your abilities. He always sticks to the idea that you’re a loser and will never succeed in anything.
Prove to yourself that your dreams can come true by ignoring what other people say about you, cause people with the worst past might create the best future.

Ya Fashel Ya Fashel Ya Fashel
Ya Fashel Ya Fashel Ya Fashel

8- The Judgmental

They just see someone, and judge him by their looks or actions. Not good judgment, either. Usually without even knowing the person. And that’s it, that’s usually the extent of their interaction with anyone. They don’t make an effort to get to know the person, or understand him, or see whether their judgment was right or not. They always see something people do, and think the worst of them without understanding.
Don’t ever be that negative person and if you find yourself being a judgmental one day, stop yourself!

Shayef sh3rk el gamel dh t7la2oo walla 2a2ulak et7ageb
Shayef sh3rk el gamel dh t7la2oo walla 2a2olak enta 7alak enak tet7ageb

Ignore these people and move on from them when you must. Be strong and Let them go with their negative energy and that doesn’t mean you hate them, or that you wish them harm; it just means you care about your own happiness. Because every time you subtract negative from your life, you make room for more positive.

8 Types of negative personalities you definitely know one of them



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