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9 People You Meet In The Arab Republic Of Mowaslat

In the midst of the torturous Cairo traffic, one can seldom escape the frustration behind driving, for long agonizing hours, just to get to work, or anywhere for that matter, without looking at the Mowaslat passengers furiously passing by and envying them for not having to actually drive!

We’re here to tell you that you couldn’t be more wrong! Whilst not having to drive or worry about gas station scavenging is a perk, riding the Mowaslat indeed comes with a price.

Here is a trivial collection of pet peeves incarnated as people you’ll most likely encounter on one of your Mowaslat rides.

The Sellers

When you find random goodies on your lap out of the blue. Candy, cleaning appliances, tissue packs and what not.

The Hoppers

When a group of men suddenly jump inside the moving bus, scaring the holy shiznet out of you!

The Smelly Cat

Smelly cat, smelly cat, what have they been feeding you indeed! This person, whether male or female, will deliberately raise their arms for the entire bus to smell the majestic BO.

The Chatter

This individual provokes the entire bus with their loud chattering on the phone, and just won’t seem to shut the fuck up.

The Nudger

To be fair, we all nudge and get nudged. It is only natural and how things normally take their course in one them Mowaslat rides. How else will the bus fare get to the driver?

The Socialite

This person will take advantage of a blocked road or a traffic jam, turn their heads, find the closest person to them, and talk their brains out.

The Trouble-Maker

Either not wanting to pay the extra 50 piasters 3ashan ‘ma3hoosh’, talks politics, or your good old touchy-touchy-too-muchy pervert, there will always be someone causing trouble.


He’s sleeping, he has no idea where he is, and yet still manages to wake up at the precise time the ride reaches his stop. How do you do that?

Mr. Beer Belly

This guy can’t find a seat, so naturally he stands; gripping onto the bars or any of the seats closest to him, whilst making sure his belly smacks you in the face while you peacefully contemplate your miserable life.

So much fun!

Whilst you always dread your next ride, you find comfort in the fact that no matter where you’re going, you’ll get there in the speed of light.

Hopefully in one piece!

9 People You Meet In The Arab Republic Of Mowaslat


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