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Ahmad Abi

Impressive Results of ‘Arabic Type Challenge’ by Ahmad Abi!

‘To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong’, Joseph Chilton Pearce wasn’t wrong when he said that. Whichever field you choose to work in, you should always strive to be creative. It’s an essential skill that must be acquired by every individual, because without creativity, your entire world is dull. If you think creativity doesn’t matter, then why do you and everyone you know, get captivated by authentic, innovative, and creative work? The things we see on social media, whether an image, invention, design, or a project tend to stick to the back of our heads, but Ahmad Abi took it to another level. Abi took part in the Arabic Type Challenge and he has shown a creative and amusing series of photos for this challenge.

Ahmad Abi & Arabic Type Challenge:

The challenge was made for every designer and artist to showcase the Arabic alphabets, but through their artistic points of view. The main purpose of this challenge was to discover talents, find new design solutions for our distinctive Arabic letters and how to show them in different ways and methods. This challenge was inspired by another movement on Instagram called 36daysoftype which had the same goal. This account has a yearly open call inviting designers, illustrators, and visual artists to share their view on both numbers and letters from their alphabet.

Ahmad joined the challenge with impressive results! He got thousands of likes and shares on Facebook and was just as popular on Instagram.

Ahmad is extremely creative, and considers social media the main source of sharing his passionate work for the world to see. For many years he has been sharing many colorful photographs, most of them were using his famous duck toy. Ahmad wants to make sure his photographs are seen beautiful, creative and colorful.

In June, he has shared his challenge pictures on Facebook & Instagram capturing the 28 Arabic letters, but don’t be shocked when you see that he has used people, a pair of shoes, a phone and whatever else was necessary to deliver the right form/shape of the Arabic letters. Below are Ahmed’s shots in alphabetical order.

Check Ahmad Abi’s Facebook & Instagram accounts for more fruitful, fun and creative work to see.

We need to see more of this!

Impressive Results of ‘Arabic Type Challenge’ by Ahmad Abi!


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