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5 Innovative Campaigns Prove Click-Funding Wins in Egypt

We click more than we blink, whether we are working, checking Facebook, or texting. You might think that liking posts are sometimes useless. However, social media sharing is so powerful that it can make a real societal change. Click-funding is based on the power of social media sharing.

Imagine if those clicks were turned into money and used for good. In fact, Liking, commenting and sharing is all that takes to take part of a community development campaign.

We can’t speak about click-funding in Egypt, and we don’t mention Bassita. It is an Egyptian startup NGO that is reliant on click-funding. People or organizations create campaigns for a social cause. Behind every campaign, a sponsor agrees to fund the project if it reached its target from points. Points, in this case, means the number of likes, shares, and comments.

Here’re click-funding campaigns that went viral


The education for all or the community schools campaign by Misr El kheir aimed at raising funds for 1,100 children to go to schools. The more you click, the more kids receive an education. The campaign hit 189% of its target which is nearly the double. The video was staring the famous actor Asser Yassin, narrating an emotional story to raise awareness of the cases they are collecting donations for. Every 20,000 points meant that a kid would go to school.


The Water for Life click funding initiative by the UNICEF aimed to connect 1000 family with safe water in Upper Egypt with the target of 1.5M points in 3 weeks; Surprisingly it hit the 1.5M in just three days! The campaign video directed by Amr Salama and starring Maged El Kedwany, It is important to mention that it featured a painful reality in a noble way using storytelling. Each view, like, comment or share to the campaign video or any of the page posts with the hashtag #clickscount counted as points on Bassita.org website. (1 view = 1 point, 1 like = 2 points, 1 share = 3 points, 1 comment = 5 points)


Juhayna and Uber joined forces in the Mother’s day and launched a fundraising campaign that aimed at supporting Baheya hospital and combat breast cancer in Egypt. For each photo uploaded on Instagram of someone hugging his/her mother and using the hashtag #حافظ_على_حضن_أم . Uber’s role came in the second part of the campaign, take her to baheya using the hashtag #وصلها_لبهيه to win free rides to baheya hospital. This campaign’s video reached more than 1.8M views in one week on Facebook and engaged 2.7M Instagram users.


Akhbarak.net and  Andalusia hospitals in partnership with the Egyptian Cure Bank organized a campaign to fight against Hepatitis C Virus. This was the first click funding campaign for a health care cause. The campaign video was simple and informative. Every share was equivalent to EGP 0.50, total shares value will be donated by Andalusia hospitals to the Egyptian Cure Bank to fund treatment for thousands of HCV patients for free.


Baraka Optics click funding campaigns were one of the earliest campaigns in Egypt. It aimed for 10,000 views for a short video explaining their cause. The video speaks about Egyptian workers and artisans who has visual problems, and they can’t afford glasses to perform their work in a better way.10 views for one high-quality pair of eyeglasses. The campaign achieved its targets and Baraka provided glasses for 1000 Egyptians in economically underprivileged communities.

One click can do miracles; Click funding can be very active in Egypt. We live in a community that continuously needs development ideas and campaigns. Moreover, we have high numbers of active internet users. And just like Bassita pitches it “ You are one click away from changing the world.”

5 Innovative Campaigns Prove Click-Funding Wins in Egypt




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