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25 Confessions Of A Hijabi In The Egyptian Society

As hijabis, we all have confessions that we never say out loud, but I have decided to share some of them with you.
  1. It really aches my heart when I travel and feel more accepted in a community I don’t belong to.
  2. I don’t want to get into clubs, pubs and parties where you ban hijabis, but please let me decide that for myself.
  3. The beach was never yours, despite the fact that I don’t really enjoy the post burkini swim but it is my right to choose whether to take a swim or not. Plus, I paid a fortune on that burkini you don’t like.
  4. Thinking that my hijab is uncool will not change my mind. No chance in that.
  5. I was never forced to wear it.
  6. A veil-free job could be disappointing. But for me, it means you are a discriminating entity which I will not be proud working for.
  7. Choosing to wear a headscarf doesn’t change who I am as a person, doesn’t change my beliefs, values, religion or personality for that matter. It is an act between me and God that should not have any impact on the people around me.
  8. Being discriminated because of a race, gender or any factor feels terrible but it is thousand times worse when it comes from members of your own circle.
  9. Imagine how you will feel when your society members look down upon you because of a religious choice you made that has nothing to do with them.
  10. Countless girls have taken off their hijab, but no one deprived them the right to. They made a choice and so did I. We should both be respected equally.
  11. Again, I was never forced to wear it.
  12. Hijab-never-stopped-me-from-living-my-life statements are too cliché for me, because why would it stop me in the first place?
  13. It makes me feel safe, I choose this to be my comfort zone.
  14. Hijab doesn’t hide my identity, it gives me one.
  15. I hate it when guys tell me my hijab style looks hot, because it completely contradicts the purpose of why I’m wearing it.
  16. Perks of wearing a hijab: I got away with listening to music during class a lot because no one can see my headphones under my hijab.
  17. We secretly share our photos without hijab on Snapchat, it is really risky but I admit I do it.
  18. Don’t ask me why I wear hijab, go do some research dude!
  19. The answer you are waiting for is: No I wasn’t forced to wear it.
  20. We all struggle to run and get a scarf the minute the doorbell rings.
  21. Thinking that taking my hijab off will liberate me means your definition of liberty is messed up. A person is liberated when he/she takes responsibility for their free choices.
  22. Men who don’t like the idea of hijab are definitely not my type, so I don’t care what they say.
  23. We all want to look pretty, to us, it is always a matter of when and to whom we show this side to.
  24. I know fashion better than you do, but I choose to follow it my way.
  25. It doesn’t feel like this all the time. We have our ups and downs, but at the end of the day, we know that this is the price we chose to pay to strengthen our faith, stand our grounds, and be faithful to our values and principles.
25 Confessions Of A Hijabi In The Egyptian Society




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