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Cookie Crumbs Aren’t The End Of The World

Everyone’s world is crumbling


Like the crumbs from a dry cookie


You instinctively reach out to grab


The all too many broken crumbs falling


But it’s out of your hands


Some still hit the floor


Leaving you staring blankly at it


Completely forgetting


The half-eaten cookie in your hand


That awkward 10-second moment


Is cut off when you remember


That crumbs will keep falling


Sneaky crumbs like the encounters of life


The situations will keep happening


Some will stand and some will crumble


You’ll do your best to save them


While you shouldn’t feel threatened by the outcome


As you need to remember


You still have a delicious cookie in your hands


That needs your attention


Your gratitude


And your appreciation


Before it too


Crumbles away.

Cookie Crumbs Aren’t The End Of The World


  • A photography enthusiast, bookworm, traveler, and out of the closet coffee addict. Believing that with the power of words, you can change people’s lives forever.



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