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Elon Musk: “I can either watch it happen or be a part of it!”

It’s no secret that we are heading towards an automated world; it is inevitable. Just the idea of it brings flashbacks to all the sci-fi movies (I-Robot, Terminator, Ex-Machina, etc.) that showcased how drastically downhill that direction will take us.
Unless, of course, we evolve ourselves into cyborgs and become multi-planetary species!
I am not joking and I am not being sarcastic. As long as we have Elon Musk around, this will be the most convenient and tactical approach to counter Sky-Net or a cybernetic takeover.
The insanely successful entrepreneur and founder of SolarCity, Tesla, HyperLoop, SpaceX, OpenAI, Zip2 and PayPal, just added a new project to that list; NeuraLink.
Last march, Musk announced that he will be creating a Brain Computer Interface (BCI) in an attempt to create a more advanced and progressive race of human beings.
The BCI will be in the form of an inject-able “neural lace” to add a network of electrodes as an extra layer to the cortex and limbic system that will put us in sync with computers.  When asked if it was a procedure that will require incision, he said that it will be a painless process that wouldn’t even have to constitute as an operation.
So how will that neural lace work? Our brains use similar vectors as technology to operate: data and electricity. The lace will merely provide a system for both parties to communicate directly with one another.
The brain will then be able to create information within itself and transmit it to automated systems. Since brains and computers will be speaking in the same language, not only will it improve intelligence by creating banks of data in the brain but also revolutionize the medical field.
Paralyzed individuals will then have the means to communicate and bionic limbs will feel like real limbs. Robotic limbs will be easily integrated into the systems without going through the tedious process of teaching your nervous system to adapt to a new foreign body. So yeah, cyborgs are happening, ladies and gentlemen, and I will be more than willing to sacrifice my biological limbs for mechanical super ones.

But why is Elon Musk doing this? Is he trying to create a more refined version of homosapiens living on Earth? Or is it part of his greater master plan to create a more forward-thinking colony that will conquer and settle on Mars?

Thankfully, the latter. Behind every venture Musk explored is a purpose serving his master plan. He has the online economic infrastructure through PayPal, the solar energy required to sustain households and settlements through SolarCity, the batteries and means to sustain transportation through Tesla, futuristic hyper trains through Hyperloop, the spaceship and cheaper reusable rockets to take him to outer space through SpaceX, and now he will have the more intelligent and evolved race of cybernetic human beings that will be able to propel this trajectory further in the future through NeuraLink.
This is not a theory, this is a fact. He even specified that the goals of Tesla, SpaceX and SolarCity revolve around his vision to change the world and humanity. His paranoia with human extinction has caused him to map a plan to reduce global warming through the means of renewable and sustainable energy production and consumption. The plan also includes “making life multi-planetary” by literally colonizing Mars.
One of his prominent projects that will revamp transportation on “Earth” is Hyperloop. Basically, it is a hyper futuristic train that Musk calls “a cross between a Concorde, a rail gun and an air hockey table”. He will essentially combine a magnetic levitation train and a low pressure transit tube that will theoretically work as a vacuum tube system to propel pods or capsules from place to place.
With the Hyperloop, one can go to Gouna and come back in less than 30 minutes! It takes me more time to go anywhere here in Cairo!
Moreover, towards the end of 2016 he founded the Boring Company. You heard that right… The Boring Company…
Musk tends to vent out a lot on Twitter. One day while he was stuck in traffic, he was hit by a sudden wave of boredom. So he shared his thoughts on Twitter, then next thing you know he founded an infrastructure and tunneling company and called it… the Boring Company.
The company’s first project will be to create a state of the art futuristic underground transit network. It would allow vehicles to travel on criss-crossing layers of tunnels, that include sleds shuttling cars around on rails at roughly 130 miles per hour.
So all in all, Elon Musk could either be the new Einstein or the personification of Lex Luthor. Honestly, I’ve always been a Luthor fan (at least not the Batman V Superman version). The guy is ambitious, determined and you cannot expect what he’ll do next. Oh yeah, and he is dating Amber Heard. If you haven’t heard of him then drop everything right now and get your Google game on now! For he will be the face of the planet that your great grandchildren will one day be living on … Mars …
Elon Musk: “I can either watch it happen or be a part of it!”


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