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Eid Money

Know How to Give ‘Eideya’ This Year Creatively!

We have missed the times where we would wake up early in the morning after Fajr prayer and prepare for the first Eid ritual, the Feast prayer with our family and friends! But here we are, only a few days away. Tea in the morning with kahk, colorful balloons and fireworks, new clothes, and most importantly, spending quality times with your loved ones are exactly what Eid is about, and are considered as little acts of celebrations on their own.

One of the major and most iconic rituals that people of all ages anticipate, is the distribution of the Eideya. It’s like a signature move for every Feast. Whatever your age, you love either giving or receiving money, and as adults, we usually get prepared for the Feast with some money to distribute amongst our beloved children and of course, the poor and needy.

But what if there were new creative means of giving out the Eideya? We have collected some creative craft DIY ideas that you can do at home by yourself, or as a family project, to instill the core Eid values into your family!

Also, Sa3eeda is a Facebook page that invented a creative Feast-money craft idea for you to surprise your beloved ones with. Sa3eeda is a paper products & stationary brand. This year, they introduced something special for you where you can give the Eideya to your children and the needy in a beautiful wallet made of paper, rather than handing them the money onto their hands.

You can buy a pack that contains 12 paper wallets for an affordable 50 EGP, and they will deliver it to you for free in Cairo & Giza. Check their Facebook page for further information.

Give out Eideyas this year in style with creative Eideya wallets, and draw a genuine smile on someone’s face!

Know How to Give ‘Eideya’ This Year Creatively!


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