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10 Most Gratifying Sounds You can’t help but love

There are some things in life, no matter big or small, that bring us joy. And one of those is sound. Nevertheless, it’s kind of unexplainable, yet we feel great satisfaction once we hear certain ones. In fact, it could be the sound of your cat purring because it’s happy you finally gave it food. Or the sound of your car engine waking up. Let’s face it; there are some sounds that make you feel all giggly and happy on the inside.

  • Can of Coke Opening
Gratifying Sounds
  • Doorbell of the delivery guy
The delivery guy's here!
*rushes to the door*
  • Kettle going off
Kettle boiling
About time!
  • Bubble Wrap popping
Popping bubble wrap
*pop pop pop pop*
  • Cracking your knuckles
Cracking Knuckles
Satisfying Pain
  • Message sent (finally!)
Message Received
When the internet finally does it’s job
  • Rain falling down your window
Rain pouring down a window
  • Crushing fresh autumn leaves
Walking Through Leaves
*crunch crunch crunch*
  • The ATM when it’s getting your money ready
Money coming out of an ATM
Dolla Dolla Bills Yo!

And last but not least,

  • The Voice of Donald Trump when he’s quite…
Donald Trump Saying Nonsense
Am I right or am I right?
10 Most Gratifying Sounds You can’t help but love

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