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Since When Have Words Become A Taboo?

Since When Have Words Become A Taboo?

When words were so simple

Have now become so hard to pronounce

Speaking your mind has become a task

A pretty hard one

A taboo of some sort

Then you have to act like everything’s okay

When it really isn’t

Faking a smile

When you’re breaking down on the inside

Going out and meeting new people

When all you want is to be alone


With your thoughts that might just drive you


With all these obscure emotions

You’ve lost all control over

You find yourself overthinking every move

Every action

Every word you muttered

If you’ve said any today

And as you lay in bed waiting to finally fall asleep

You happen to keep thinking back

To the time

When speaking, words were untaught.

Since When Have Words Become A Taboo?


  • A photography enthusiast, bookworm, traveler, and out of the closet coffee addict. Believing that with the power of words, you can change people’s lives forever.