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Reasons Why Batman Just Doesn't Kill The Joker

Reasons Why batman just doesn’t kill the joker

Have you ever wondered why Batman doesn’t kill the Joker? In the comics, cartoon, and movies there have seemed to be many situations where it could have been a piece of cake for the Joker to just go bye bye.

Since the joker is born from chaos, anarchy and the need to create total destruction, Batman serves the completely opposite objective. Put short, The Joker would win. Because all he’s trying to do is turn Batman into a bad guy or unleash the evil within. The Joker has a theory that people are monsters, that everyone in society isn’t as orderly or innocent as perceived.

What makes a guy wearing face paint and laughs a lot scary to some people is the realization that what he claims is right. That everyone is bad on the inside. So if Batman ends up killing him, then he confirms it, that everyone isn’t as good as they seem to be. That it’s all an act.

Regardless of the fact that it’s a comic book series and a work of fiction. The seemingly repetitive question of why doesn’t X do this Y is just cutting things short. It’s not making the story more alive, filled with depth. But in real life, there’s a life lesson to be taken from why Batman just doesn’t off the Joker that easily.

Whereas from a different perspective, what’s the fun? If Batman was to kill the Joker then that would be the end of the story. No more freak accidents in Gotham, no more bat light flashing in the sky at night and certainly no batmobile!

As Batman is the one of the many superheros who aren’t born with super powers. Along with super high tech and expensive gadgets and his main man Alfred, his main super power, if you call it, is to fight off the sense of killing, it’s all about self-control.

As humans, self-control can be seen as a superpower. Forget wanting to the ability to fly or read minds. Being able to control yourself in any situation is a hard task on its own. So in a way, we all have a little Batman in us, trying to fight the urge to kill off our Joker. Ha. Life’s kind of funny when you really think about things.

Reasons Why Batman Just Doesn't Kill The Joker
Reasons Why Batman Just Doesn't Kill The Joker
Reasons Why batman just doesn’t kill the joker


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