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Some Secrets Are Meant To Be Shared!

In today’s world, everything has changed. Relationships, careers, education and all other curriculums of life. Everyday is an emotional roller-coaster ride, and needing to vent out is only normal. But many of us make the mistake of keeping too much to ourselves and not express how we’re really feeling!

Have you ever met someone who doesn’t have secrets? Hardly! You, me, the woman sitting next to you in public transportation on your commute to work, we all have secrets. Different as they may, but we all have one thing in common, we’re all afraid to speak out.

Feel free to agree or disagree, but not all secrets are meant to stay secret. When you confess something you’ve been keeping for so long, think of how relieved you would feel. How much better you would feel, which eventually, projects into your relationships.

Like my friend, who has been secretly in love with one of her friends for more than two years. At the beginning, she was afraid of what his reaction may be, afraid of being rejected, and afraid of losing him as a friend. Later on, hiding her feelings became second nature and both have moved on with different partners.

Years passed by until one early morning, they meet by sheer coincidence, and decide to go get a cup of coffee. They sat down in a coffee shop and talked about life, their careers, as well as their personal statuses. Both of them found out that they had been in love with each other for many years, but none had the courage to express their love to the other. Now they regret every moment they wasted, and now is too late for them.

This made me realize that life won’t ever hand us what we want, until we go after it. This is just an example of how different life would have worked out for the both of them, had they expressed their feelings. Even if one of them got rejected, at least you tried, and you would spend the rest of your life knowing you did your part and went after what you wanted.

Whether it’s romance, family issues, or friendships, there’s no need for mystery. Clear your conscience and introduce your heart to peace.

Some Secrets Are Meant To Be Shared!


  • I see things differently from my camera lens. Reading and writing is what keeps me going. Know me more through my writings here.



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