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Tips To Help You Make The Decisions You Want!

We were born to make decisions on a daily basis. From the moment we wake up till we go back to bed, we make hundreds of decisions, and each decision has the ability to change your course of life. When your alarm rings you have two options, either snooze, or actually wake up. At work you make tons of decisions, which task to do first, how to prioritize, where to eat, if you would leave on time or choose to spend another extra hour or two finishing some more work, and so on. Later at night, you make decisions of either going out with your friends or going home to relax and watch a movie, leading to whole other series of decisions.

And different as we are, our decision making processes are different. Some of us are impulsive and faster than others, while others take their time, and choose to listen to their instincts. Neither is right nor wrong, but there are five fundamental factors that you need to consider before making a decision, no matter how big or small.

Specify Your Decision Type & Put Time For it

Before panicking about the idea of making a decision, think about how critical this decision is. Is it life changing, or just a basic trivial one that you got used to making everyday? Like where to go out with your friends after work, or if you want to go out in the first place. Put a time limit for yourself to make that decision and be realistic. Don’t be too generous with your time, but don’t rush it too. You need to take a decent amount of time weighing your decisions, but not in a way that would obstruct the course of your life.

Forget About People

Prior to making any decision, we often think about the effect the choices we make will have on other people, but that’s the last thing we need to think about. Other people reacting is by no means relevant to how you should plan your life. Who’s life are you living? You’re the only one who’s going to have to live with the consequences of your choices.

Imagine It Real

Imagining what comes after taking your decision helps you put things in perspective. Does it suit you, and most importantly, are you prepared for it? You have two options. Either fear that what’s coming next could be too much for you to handle, or that you’re 100% prepared.

What Does Your Gut Tell You?

Without getting too emotional or sentimental but sometimes, your gut does not lie. If you find yourself feeling particularly good about something, then go for it. While it is always advised to go beyond your comfort zone, but even that has it’s limitations. If you’ve been getting bad vibes off of a specific thought, then call it off. Your gut being uncomfortable is never to be taken for granted, it is there for a reason.

Making hard decisions is inevitable, but always try to make sure processing these decisions takes adequate amounts of time, for better outcomes.

Tips To Help You Make The Decisions You Want!


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