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Know More About Up-Fuse Eco Fashionable Products!

Wearing fashionable clothes is far more than just a trend, it has to do with boosting your self-confidence and being happy and content with the way you choose to express yourself! When tackling fashion, we rarely think it means helping local communities in addition to being eco-friendly, but not anymore! Up-Fuse has brought this to life by selling awesome products that were originally handmade, carrying stories that connect the customers to their producers, in cooperation with Roh El Shabab NGO in Cairo. Get to know more about Up-Fuse here.


It’s a lifestyle unique brand and social enterprise that no other brand can compete. They are mainly a shop where they promote the eco-conscious lifestyle by designing and producing environment friendly bags and products that support local communities in Egypt. They are truly unique with their designs, colors and everything else they sell. Each item they sell feels like it’s made with love.

The process of producing any of their items is a bit onerous. As they mentioned it starts with executing the ideas and designs, continuing with the selection of the right eco-friendly materials, the collecting, cleaning and up-cycling of the plastic bags all the way to sewing and finishing the bag with its final touches. Most of the products presented are done by Roh El Shabab, a local NGO in Manshayet Nasr, the Garbage City in Cairo, which helps them to collect the plastic bags, clean them up till they’re ready to be made. One of the main purposes of using the help of Roh El Shabab aside from helping in producing the products, is to teach the students, who are not enrolled in a regular educational facility, and encourage them to finish their education, while generating an income to support their families.

They have a variety of products that would match everyone’s taste. From backpacks, accessories, cases, sleeves, and more. Prices are affordable and when you buy a product, it will surely help the people from Roh El Shabab who helped produce it.

Seeing such a great initiative supporting great young talents along with offering fashionable, eco-friendly products, is very refreshing and something to be proud of as a local startup.

Know more about Up-Fuse through their Facebook page or their website.

Know More About Up-Fuse Eco Fashionable Products!


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