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The Weekend Fresh Splash Is Finally Here!

Here comes the weekend. For some, it is the quest for adventures and action, outings, loud music, dancing and screaming out loud. For others, it’s these quit hours in the mornings with a good caffeinated friend, soft music, and a good book, most commonly interpreted as being introverts. And as we all know, the latter is the least targeted by everyone. The society is so molded and structured around the extroverted, they usually forget about the ones who enjoy peace and quiet, and still want to experience different things..

Below, we have gathered a bunch of events for this coming weekend that you are bound to enjoy, no matter where you lay on the spectrum.

You got movie screenings, concerts, new music, workshops and arts and crafts. All these events trigger a different aspect of you, no matter what your personality may be. Let go of the usual cafe and restaurant mood every weekend, and introduce yourself to something new.

The Weekend Fresh Splash Is Finally Here!


  • Mohamed El-Kasaby is a Firefly who is floating freely within the cosmos dark matter, trying to understand it and reach for a solution to our existential dilemma!



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