10 Inspiring Gift Ideas for Him and Her on the Valentine’s Day!

When we say February, the first thing that comes to our minds is “Valentine’s Day”.  While the days are passing and calendar days move quickly from one to another, we ask ourselves what we’re going to get for our beloved ones to express and show our true feelings towards them. In fact, we might think why there’s only one day in a year that we should show love to each other and moreover you get lost of what gift you should get. And all you can think of is that you need something special, unique and cute to gift your beloved ones with. Check out these 10 inspiring non-traditional ideas for him & her to celebrate Valentine’s day. Whether the gift is for your mom, wife, husband, friend, sister or even your workmate.

1- Books

A book has always been and will always be very meaningful as a gift. Reading a book would take anyone into journeys in their minds and get them back into reality once they close the book. You must take advantage from Cairo’s International Book fair. Go there and select a book carefully matching your beloved’s personality. In fact, getting a book as a gift is an amazing thing!

plant pots
2- Plants Pots

Because brining a bouquet of flowers is becoming out of trend that some women are actually getting bored of, this kind of gift is just unique. Make sure that you choose a colorful type of flower pots that your partner, friend, or family member would love. Basically by gifting your beloved ones a plant pot, it will work on clearing their area by adding some positive vibes.

3- Hourglass

A symbolic gift that reminds your beloved ones of two main things: first is appreciation to the time that you do have, and second is whenever they look at the glass, they would just remember that it is made of halves, just as both of you; two halves completing one another.

4- Two halves Accessories

Well, this is a perfect gift for anyone. Two halves of a necklace or a keychain can be put together to complete the heart. You can also customize it to what you want. You can even write anything or put your fingerprint on instead. In any case, this gift will remain a good thing to keep with you both all the time.

Love Envelope
5- Love Envelope

Throwback to the good old days, when there was only one method to communicate with the one you love and express your feelings, since there wasn’t any kind of communication available other than writing on papers. At the meantime, everything is getting updated every day and people have lost the sense of romance on how to express their feelings. Surprise your beloved one with an envelope that contains a piece of paper filled with your true feelings for them. In fact, you may think it’s an old way but definitely, it will blow their minds away!

6- Spa Treatment Set

In the busy life we all have, sometimes all what we need is rest. If you’re thinking about a unique gift that will make your partner, friend or a family member happy and satisfied, a spa treatment set, would make their minds and body rest and relax. Definitely, they will thank you truly from their hearts for making them feel the relaxation that they’ve been waiting for. And thus, they will truly believe how much you do love and care for them.

7- Traveling Bag

A traveling bag with a map inside is a good symbolic gift to be with them wherever they go and be reminded of you. Actually, anyone would love to have such a gift. Always try to express your love and feelings to them in a creative way!

Love Jar
8- Love Jar

If you want to express your true feelings each and every day of the year, not only on Valentine’s Day, from here on, you can get a jar and fill it with 365 reasons of why you love them and remind them to open the jar eveyday.

9- Coffee Mugs

Becuase the first thing we have in the morning is our morning coffee, gifting someone with a nice mug would make them happy because every day they will use it first thing when they wake up and be reminded of you.

10- Playstation

Playstation is no longer for men only! In fact, everyone is getting addicted day by day. Maybe you just couldn’t think of what special to get for your beloved ones but this gift counts as one of best!