10 Tips To Save Fuel After Insane Price Increase!

Egypt’s current economic situation is a disaster and it’s becoming a huge risk on our country and the citizens can barely tolerate what’s happening. After hearing about the rise of fuel prices by more than 13%, people are bound to lose their minds. But instead of being angry, let’s start thinking of other innovative solutions for all car owners to cut off some of the fuel expenses.

1- Reduce Your Car Weight 

Take off all unnecessary belongings in the car. Reducing the weight of the car reduces the body’s resistance to air during the ride, saving some fuel which will eventually be reflected positively on the total consumption.

2- Consider Carpooling 

If you haven’t done it yet then you must do it now. Start carpooling with your workmates, friends or whoever goes on the commute. It will save a lot of money, effort, and stress from driving. Also, you will use less fuel during the month than your normal.

3- Go Out With A Bicycle Instead Of Your Car

Riding your car for short distances will take more fuel. Try riding a bicycle instead when running errands that are close to your home. You will get 3 benefits, you will exercise, have fun, and save more money. By the end of the month, you will notice how much money you saved by using your bicycle instead.

4- Reduce Using The Air Conditioner

If it’s a hot day and you must use the AC, make sure the temperature of the car is not so hot and you have parked your car the day before in a place of shadow. Usually, air conditioning consumes a lot of fuel, try to turn it off most of the time in order to save more fuel and money.

5- Slow Down

The slower you go the more you will save. Slowing down from 80 to 100 KM/H will save you up to 25% of your average fuel consumption.

6- Don’t Drive At Peak Times

Peak time is always known for the hard traffic jam. Just try to avoid these timings by going to the streets before these times or after by one hour. Spending your time stuck in a traffic jam is not the best thing and also expensive.

7- Close The Windows When You Are At A High-Speed 

High roads always require us to speed up, so it’s better to close the windows and turn on the AC as the AC will consume less fuel while speeding up but opened windows will work on reducing the body’s resistance to air and will make so much noise to you.

8- Turn Off Your Engine At Traffic Jams

After spending more than 30 seconds in a traffic jam, turn off the engine immediately as it’s known that the car consumes more fuel when it’s still.

9- Check Your Car Tire Pressure Regularly

You must check if your tire is fully pumped, as tires with lower pressures consume more fuel than the normal. It’s better that you run a check-up every two weeks or month to keep everything under control.

10- Choose Your Road

Avoid rough roads whenever you can. Rough roads usually consume more fuel and will limit your mileage.