The 15-Day Challenge You Need For A Better 2018

Aiming to change to be a better person is always a goal for most of us as it’s essential for our mental wellness. But when it comes to real change, we don’t really know where or how to start. Taking care of ourselves and working on improving ourselves for the better isn’t all that hard, as long as you take baby steps. It’s a beautiful journey where you discover more about yourself, and love yourself more in the process.

Sometimes when you’re busy with life, you might feel like it’s really hard to take some time for your mind and self. But by time, you will know that having some time for yourself everyday is crucial for your mental health and will help on improving your mood dramatically. Every day is a new challenge, and the next 15 days are 15 new chances for you to help yourself get one step closer to the person you want to be.

The 15-Day Challenge!

This challenge is not made with rules to follow, and is totally free of restrictions. There is no due date to when you need to finish this challenge, or if the days need to be consecutive. What you should do on the other hand, is finish this challenge one way or another. Only then will you feel the accomplishment and change in your personality, mood, and overall mental health.

Day 1 - Let Go of All the Negatives

This is your first day in the challenge and to start fresh, let go of all the negative thoughts in your mind. That doesn’t mean that you should ignore you’re feelings or leave your problems unattended, but you need to come to good terms with them. The sooner you realize that they don’t control you, the faster you’ll fix them and heal.

Day 2 - No Caffeine Day

Most people nowadays, if not everyone, are addicted to some form of caffeine. Coffee, tea, even soda drinks, caffeine has replaced the ever essential H2o necessary for our survival. But guess what? You can still survive without your daily dose of caffeine, even for just a day. Your anxiety and high energy levels will decrease, and you will be able to have a good night’s sleep. And no, you don’t need coffee to be a decent human being, it’s all in your head.

Day 3 - Dance Like Nobody’s Watching

Dancing is probably one of the best relievers and mood-boosters. It is true that any sort of physical activity releases your happy endorphins, but dancing in particular is one of the most joyful things you can embark on. It will boost your mood, relieve the stress, and even help in toning your body in the process. Dedicate this day to dancing your way into any place you go to. Celebrate your body, and express yourself through your movements. You can join a dance class at your nearby gym, or you can just do it at home.

Day 4 - Confess to Someone

Talk to someone you love about something you’ve been keeping a secret for a long time. Not just secrets, you can talk about unexpressed thoughts or emotions, future plans, fears and hopes. Talking about what occupies a large portion of your thoughts, can help you rearrange and prioritize your thoughts, put attainable action plans to achieve your goals, and also bring you closer to the person listening to you.

Day 5 - Meet an Old Friend

Being an ‘adult’ with the busy everyday lives we’re all drowning in, it’s becoming difficult to keep in touch, specially old school or college friends. But reuniting with old friends is a bliss. You can all catch up, play the same games you used to back in the day, and compare how different your lives have become, and how much you’ve grown as individuals ever since you adopted adulthood. It’s a very refreshing and nostalgic walk down memory lane.

Day 6 - Teach Someone Something

Life is all about learning, and if you stop learning you stop growing. To learn something, you must teach, in order to keep the cycle going. Find what it is that you do best, and teach it. This will allow you to spread and pass your passion on to someone, and also introduce different people to your knowledge.

Day 7 - Laugh

Our energies and souls are like phone batteries, they drain, and when drained, they need to be recharged. Every now and then, our souls need to be rejuvenated and refreshed, and the best remedy for that is laughter. Watch a good comedy, go to stand-up comedy shows, or surround yourself with fun people. A good laugh is bound to energize you and make you more positive.

Day 8 - Get a Stress Ball

Being valuable assets to the society, means that you face stress on a daily basis. There are many effective ways to deal with stress, and one of them is the stress ball. Squeezing on a stress ball helps you channel all that suppressed anxiety, from the comfort of staying in your own chair in the office, your room, or a coffee shop. Go buy yourself a stress ball, and squeeze with all your might.

Day 9 - Plant a Flower

Doing things for yourself and by yourself makes you feel very accomplished. Try planting a seed or a flower in the place you spend the most time in. Watching it grow before your eyes will trigger positive vibes, and feelings of accomplishment and ownership.

Day 10 - Hug and Give Hugs

Someone once said that a hug a day just might keep the doctor away. Admit it, even if you love your personal space and not really into PDA, hugs really do heal. It’s the coming together of two bodies lovingly that creates a bond. Hug people and get hugs, you’ll be surprised by the affection you’d experience through out the day.

Day 11 - Do Something for a Good Cause

In Egypt, we have thousands of charity organizations that you can volunteer and donate your time or money to. Decide which cause you’d like to contribute to, and look for organizations that are dedicated and passionate about the said cause. Doing something for a good cause will make you feel a million times better.

Day 12 - Try Something New

Getting out to try something new will make you discover more about yourself. You should always be open to trying new things. New food, new music, new films, or new places to chill in, no matter how trivial the changes may be, you will still be exposing yourself to an entirely different atmosphere and environment, hence, new experiences.

Day 13 - Sleep Early

One of the most important things in life is getting enough sleep on a daily basis. Getting the dose of sleep you need will help you feel more refreshed, productive, and positive. And what ever it is you’re staying awake till 3 in the AM for, frankly doesn’t beat the joy of getting to work without the hassle and being overwhelmed. One can and should never pass on a chance like that, right?

Day 14 - Declutter

There is no better feeling than being in a clean, uncluttered and organized environment. Be it your workstation, or your room, hoarding things just means you’re carrying expired emotions and experiences with you. You’re not willing to let go, and you insist on making them parts of your life, when they have already served their purpose. Take a look at your belongings, and you will surely find a handful of things to get rid of or donate. Decluttering your belongings, declutters YOU in the process.

Day 15 - Assess Yourself

On the last day of this challenge, write down the positives and negatives of doing this challenge. What days you liked more than others, and what tasks made a real difference and would love to incorporate to your life the coming days.

Open a fresh new page to your life, it is never too late to start over.