15 Ways You Can Say “No” Even If You Dread The Word!

People are born natural socializers. They love to talk and create new friendships everywhere. Being in a busy life, it requires us to know a lot of people, and the more people you know, the more socially engaged you are. There are times when you are asked for favors, whether personally or at work. You may or may not find yourself in a tight corner where you feel obligated and forced to say “yes”, even when you don’t want to. You struggle and think of all the ways you can say no and have it your way, but you can’t, and you end up feeling consumed, tired and worn out. Eventually, leading you to feeling pressured. Learning to say the magical “no” is empowering in more ways than you know. Not only will you be respected and be given your space, but you will also have the time and effort you need for the things you actually want, rather than wasting them on pleasing others.

Disagreeing doesn’t have to be done bluntly, you still want to be nice and considerate while doing it, and so, below are 16 ways to help you say “no”, even if you don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings!

1- “Give me time and I’ll get back to you”
2- “Thanks, but I don’t think this would work for me!”
3- “I’m busy right now!”
4- “Send me an email and I’ll get back to you when I can.”
5- “I can’t, unfortunately!”
6- “I wish I can!”
7- “I really appreciate your efforts, but I’ll do my best.”
8- “Apologies, I can’t make it!”
9- “Here’s what works for me..”
10- “Sounds great but I can’t commit.”
11- “This isn’t doable for me right now.”
12- “Maybe, next time!”
13- “I’m already booked.”
14- “Please cross me off your list!”
15- “I can’t give you a decision now.”

Always remember, you’re not living life to please others, you’re living for you. Prioritize yourself, because there is nothing you need to prove to others. Your well-being is not to be taken for granted, not on the expense of others’ approvals. Your mental and emotional health is above all else.