17 Life Hacks To Prepare You And Your Home For Winter

Wondering how will you make it through the cold? Warm up your home with these ingenious ideas. From clothes and food hacks to Anti-flu, struggling in winter is a thing of the past with these life hacks.

1. Bubble Wrap Isolator

If you have windows that leak in the cold, isolate them with bubble wrap. Spray the window with water and stick the wrap with the bubbles facing the glass.

2. Warm Your Bed

Place hot water bottles on your bed before you head to sleep and enjoy the warmth.

3. DIY Heater

If you want to heat an entire room, all you need is a clay pot, large stones, and a large candle to make this homemade heater.

4. Baking Delights

Make use of the oven heat in the kitchen by keeping the oven door open right after baking. Fill your home with warmth and delicious baking scents!

5. Light Up Candles

Use candles to spread heat. It’s also a great way to boost the mood and spread nice scents if you’re using scented candles.

6. Rice Hand Warmers

Use raw rice to make hand warmers. Heat some rice that’s enough to be packed in a fabric or plastic bag. Hold it in your hands to keep your fingers warm and nice.

7. Flu-proof Your Home

Fact of life: If one family member gets the flu, then before you know it, everyone else has it too. You can fight off common winter cold and flu with some remedies below.

8. VapoRub Vicks

Soothing your leg with Vicks will help remove stubborn coughs. Yes! Try it yourself.

9. Apple Cider & Honey Drink

To help your body fight infection and ease a sore throat drink a mixture of hot water, 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and 1 tablespoon of raw honey.

10. Salt Water Drink

To get rid of bacteria in your mouth, salt water draws out the bacteria and provides a bacteria fighting environment. Use it instead of mouth wash twice a day.

11. Pilled Sweaters

If your favorite sweater got pilly, run a razor over well-worn areas, and your knitwear will be looking as good as new in no time.

12. Waterproof Canvas Shoes

If you have a canvas or shoes made of fabric that are super comfy and want to wear in winter, rub the shoes with wax and then use a hairdryer to melt the wax and leave it to dry. You can try by pouring water on it to test it and witness the magic!

13. Fix Your Leather Boot

Wipe with water and soap then spray it with a mixture of water and vinegar. Rinse and see the difference.

14. Sweet Potatoes

The popular Egyptian grilled sweet potato but with a twist; add marshmallows, let them melt, and for a sweet tooth, you can add some Nutella or chocolate sauce. This will keep you warm and make your tummy happy.

15. Hummus El Sham

This never gets old. The smell of Hummus El Sham is what we eagerly wait for every winter. Soak the Hummus in water for 4 hours, boil with tomatoes and carrots, then add spices, lemon and enjoy the deliciousness.

16. Nutella Hot Chocolate

Don’t just survive this winter, enjoy it. All you need for a killer mug of cocoa is milk and Nutella.

17. And finally, here is a psychological trick.

Turns out you can trick your body into thinking it’s not cold. Studies show that reminiscing about fond memories makes you feel warmer, so kick back with a favorite photo album to beat the chills.