30 Easy Ways To Deal With Your Negative Emotions!

Sometimes we can’t help but feel bad! Whether it was caused by a certain individual’s actions, or factors or circumstances that you couldn’t avoid, you are bound to have negative emotions wash all over you from time to time. Dealing and processing your negative emotions is always healthy, and different people have different methods of dealing with them. The last thing you want is to carry them around, buried deep and messing with you. Having a healthy exit to the emotions will always give you more room and capacity to engage more in the world, and be emotionally, mentally and spiritually light.

Below are 30 ways that can help you process your negative emotions, and give you a way out.

1- Let it out and cry if you have to. Sometimes it really heals your soul.

2- Practice deep breaths.

3- Run for longer times that you usually do.

4- Hear positive music.

5- Remind yourself that you will never be this sad again.

6-  Take a nice warm bubble bath.

7- Drink enough amounts of water.

8- Get dressed, and take selfies.

9- Write your negative thoughts on a paper and throw it away.

10- Volunteer in social activities.

11- Dedicate a notebook to write you feelings daily. Keep track and study what makes you sad more than others.

12- Don’t ask why is this happening to you! The sooner you accept it, the sooner you’ll be able to come up with solutions.

13- Treat yourself and go on a shopping spree.

14- List the people who did you wrong and forgive them. Not holding any grudges will make you feel better.

15- Bring a paper and write a nice positive letter to yourself.

16- Mediate. Do Yoga.

17- Meet up with old friends and family relatives.

18- Donate money, old clothes or any belongings that you no longer need. Knowing that you’re helping other people will help you feel better.

19- Look at old photos of you and your friends.

20- Call someone you love and tell them how much you are thankful for having them in your life.

21- Learn new dancing moves.

22- Cook a nice healthy meal for yourself.

23- Pray.

24- Take a day off from your everyday routine.

25- Visit art galleries.

26- Lay in the sunshine. You need some vitamin D.

27- Watch a comedy movie.

28- Have a “Do Nothing” day.

29- Play and feed a pet.

30- Always remember that this too, shall pass.