4 Videos That Summarize The Beauty of Being An Introvert

Introverts or in other words “the quiet ones”, the world’s quietest personalities and the loudest minds, are not being accepted and appreciated by all societies, especially the religious ones, “that see the extroversion as the “right virtue” to the human souls.” According to Susan Cain’s book: Quiet.

If you are lucky enough to be raised in a society that embraces the introversion then it’s good for you, and you are one lucky son of a gun. But if you are one of the many introverts that had been brought up in a society that is molded and structured around extroversion, then let me tell you that it’s okay!

It’s okay, if they had assailed you, told you to stop being an A-hole, and to act more “manly” for men or more “alive” for girls.

It’s okay, if they had mocked you in different events.

It’s okay, if they were asking you questions that they knew you had different opinions about, but asked you anyways because they wanted to make you the laughingstock of the gathering.

It’s okay, if your only joy is to read a nice book for hours, in a quiet ambiance.

It’s okay, if you feel the music, in every single cell within your body, not only listening carelessly to it.

And it’s okay, to stand for you rights and to defend them ferociously.

But there will sometimes be those dogmatic people that will suck the best out of you, and beat you to your knees, while they are laughing and high-fiving themselves. For these kinds of moments, I had collected four videos for you to watch, to get your things together again and to believe in yourself more. Always remember that “people hate what they cannot understand”.

So do not go hard on neither them nor yourself, just forgive them, as they are humans first and foremost and sometimes make abhorrent assumptions based on their own “perception” of things around them. Forgive in order to regain your lost balance and to be pleased with your traits that had been transferred through the genes of your elderly parents, cooking in thousands and thousands of years through the “natural selection process” or “the survival of the fittest process”. So if the introverts were weak, then as a result of their weakness they must had been extinct by now: which is obviously untrue!

In a nutshell, each society needs the two personas: the ones who think, analyze and observe, and the ones who loudly speak, act and rush towards things instinctively. If they do not understand the difference then it’s our duty to make them understand and learn more about it in order to create more homogeneous societies, a kind of society that depends heavily on the mutual understanding and respect of each other.

So get your hot drink, grab a few sheets of paper and a pen to write down some notes while watching the following videos. They will leave you more confident and happy about yourself and your personality. As for the extroverted people; who knows what you might stumble upon watching these videos. Maybe that you are secretly an introvert too, all this time, without you even realizing!

1- Susan Cain
2- The brilliant and hilarious, Dr. Brian Little
3- Crystal Robello
4- Elena Herdieckerhoff