5 Fashion Bloggers You Need to Follow!

In the busy life we all have, we often struggle with what to wear. We seek some sort of inspiration regarding what to wear every day and how to wear it. Whether you’re going to work, birthday party or even a family gathering, you may get lost in matching your items together to get the perfect outfit for your outing. And with all the new fashion trends and new styles that are rising, it’s sometimes hard to keep following everything new and be on trend. In the fashion industry and styling we all got lost for a moment. And sometimes we think we just need a personal stylist just to save our time. For these reasons, you tend to hold your phone and search for some fashion bloggers, articles or for some pictures just to get inspired. Following fashion bloggers is essential to save you in each hard situations.

In a world full of influencers, no doubt, we all follow some of them on our Instagram accounts. However, we need someone to follow who can update and guide us with what’s new and trendy in the fashion world.

Meet the best 5 fashion bloggers you need to follow to have a fashionable feed.

Hadia Ghaleb is one of the best fashion bloggers in Egypt. Her account has more than 424K followers. Following her account will add to you so much. In fact, she’s a traveling freak and every day she’s in a different country. Moreover, when you scroll down in her account you will find she wears different creative items together in each country that would inspire you with what to wear. If you’re aiming to wear unique yet fashional outfits, Hadia Ghaleb will be your best choice.

When you open Nourhanne Eissa‘s  Instagram account you will feel positive vibes all over her account. What takes your attention the most is her smile, in addition to her artistic sense of styling her outfits. Moreover, her colorful pictures, stylish outfits, and smile will make you and your Instagram feed simply smile! Nourhan’s Instagram account has more than 207K followers and she’s a lifestyle blogger.

Deena ElKhattam

A whole new level of simplicity! This is exactly what defines Deena ElKhattam‘s Instagram account. Deena is a wife, traveler and a personal style blogger. She’s got more than 142K followers. Once you follow her, you will find that you don’t have to buy fancy expensive stuff to be on trend & stylish. Actually, you will get inspired about what to buy and how to select the right items together.


Farah Galal is an elegant, classy and chic lady. Accordingly, she knows what to wear and how. With one simple item, she transforms anything into stylish and elegant.  As a matter of fact, following her account will guarantee you chic outfits inspiration. Farah has got more than 157K followers and she’s a fashion blogger.

Believe it or not! Noha Elsherbiny is a mummy for two kids, owner of a business and a lifestyle influencer. She’s got more than 147K followers. In fact, all mommies nowadays don’t have time for anything except kids but Noha! Noha knows how to manage her time between everything she has and successfully she became one of the most fashionable influencers on social media. Her pictures will not only inspire you of what to wear but will teach you how to pose for a picture. Therefore, you will feel like her outfits speak.