The 5 People You May Travel With

People seem to change when you travel with them; you discover new traits about one another. Here are 5 traits you may find in your friend the next time you travel together.

1) The Tan Lover

This person would go out of their way for the perfect tan, sometimes even going out in the smoldering heat at 10 in the morning. No common sense can get in the way of their skin and that sun, and you bet they have more than one tanning oil spray.

tan lovers

2) The Party Pooper

We all have that one friend who, no matter what, has to sleep early and ultimately makes everyone else on the trip stay in as well, so that they don’t miss out on any new action. A direct message to this person: We love you, but you’re boring.

party pooper

3) The Decision Maker

This may be the people who came up with the idea of the trip and so takes it upon themselves to be the trip activities adviser. They’re always talking about plans, what to do for fun, but they’re helpful because they do all the research and get a good deal out of it. They usually are the one’s who seem like the adult in the room.

decision maker

4) The Shade Seeker

This person, like myself, hates the tan. With a passion. There’s nothing like going on good vacation and coming back the same color. Usually, people who hate the tan have a fear of getting darker as if their skin color changes and usually stays the same forever. So, please forgive us for always choosing the dark side and sitting in the shade and for applying so much sunscreen until we actually turn white.

white skin

5) The Rule Changer

The one who’s new to traveling with no grown-ups around. They’re cautious yet curious about everything. They get excited just by the thought of doing something new/ weird to them. Yet they would start up an idea and would probably back down about it in a while.

going to advaenture
In the end, it’s all about traveling with the right company; pick your friends first to make sure that what you do would coincide together as to not create issues later on. Who wants to see a Tan Lover and Shadow Seeker on a trip together? I’ll get the popcorn.