5 Reasons Why You Should Jump More!

Whether you workout for the well-being of your body or to blow off some steam, jumping is key either way. Back in the day, some people might have felt a bit self-conscious about being seen going up and down, but now with the high expansion of trampoline parks in Egypt and jumping exercises in fitness centers and gyms, it has become almost available for all of us to try at all times. Attending a jumping class or jumping on a trampoline is an experience that you must do at least once in your adult life, specially after you read the 5 important benefits of jumping that will make you want to jump every chance you get!

Stress Reliever & Mood Booster

As much as it is fun, bouncing up and down will keep the stress away, by decreasing stress hormones and increasing your body’s feel-good chemicals such as the endorphins.

Increased Metabolism

It has been proved that jumping will increase your metabolic rate and will keep your body balanced by processing nutrients more efficiently.

Weight Loss & Fitness Maintenance

Having a blast while you’re working for your goal weight will help keep the enthusiasm, as you won’t grow tired of the exercise, so long as you keep it exciting and change the routine every once in a while. This will affect your weight loss positively, and you will come to see that you have lost more weight that you thought possible.

Stronger Bones

Each landing from a jump is equivalent to twice the force of gravity: this allows your bones to develop and maintain their strength and agility over the course of time, which helps in preventing serious bone disease.

Increases Energy

Just like any activity, jumping increases the blood circulation around the body, which in turn accelerates the oxygen circulation and intake, and ultimately boosts your energy and keeps your heart healthy! 10 minutes into one of your jumping sessions and you will feel energized.

Try to incorporate jumping classes into your daily routines through signing up in any of your nearby fitness centers or gyms, and if you don’t have the time, rope-jumping in your room is definitely fine.