5 Reasons You Should Start Drinking Water In The Morning

Water is life, and it is magic. Apart from the fact that it has endless benefits to our bodies and that we can hardly survive three days without a drop of water, while we are able to survive three entire weeks without food, if not more, a lot of people are unaware of how useful drinking water first thing in the morning actually is. It’s good for the kidneys, the brain and the vital processes happening in your body to keep you healthy and alert.

Will help you feeling refreshed  

Your body keeps losing water while you are asleep, you wake up completely dehydrated, thus leading to you feeling tired all the time. Drinking as little as two cups of water in the morning will re-hydrate your body and will make you feel refreshed and energetic.

Boosts your metabolism 

Drinking water in the morning will not only boost your metabolism, it will fire it up! When you have an active metabolism, burning off those extra pounds is piece of cake!

Purifies your body

Our bodies release toxins in various forms, and most of these excretion processes, if not all, involve water. Whether it’s through defecating, urinating or sweating, our body uses water to help facilitate the exit of these toxins. Once they’re out, our body is ready to absorb new nutrients, eventually forming new blood and muscle cells.

Fuels your brain 

Some people don’t need as much caffeine as they claim to attend to their daily tasks. Try drinking water, it will do you just as good, it’s healthier, and it’s less calories. Drinking water is essential for your brain to function well. Having it in the morning will give your brain the energy to fully function and will actually help improve your memory and thinking process.

Helps prevent serious diseases 

With the toxins out of your body, you are less inclined to be infected with common and more serious illnesses, such as kidney stones, yeast infections and bladder infections. Water also lubricates joints, which you would be very thankful for 50 years from now when you don’t suffer from Arthritis. Some research even suggests that drinking warm water in the morning aids your body in keeping up with the cancerous cells and eliminating them.

Remember, you’re probably getting your daily dosage of water from what you eat and drink on a daily basis, so we’re hardly asking you to drink the Pacific Ocean, this is only to emphasize how vital of a component H2O is.

Give it a go, and we promise you, you’ll thank us later!