These 5 Signs Show How Strong You Are, Even If You Don’t Think You Are

We all need motivation, love, and support. We need someone to remind us that we are strong enough to face every battle. Fighting for yourself on your own isn’t easy, specially when we were all born emotionally sensitive. No matter how many times someone tells you they don’t care, they do! Our emotions are like thin sheets of paper, and can be torn easily with small words or acts by the people around us. And when you react, and become weak or fragile, you should never blame yourself for it. This is only human nature, and this is your mind, body, and soul trying to process what you’re going through. Below are 5 signs that prove how strong you are, even if you sometimes forget it or don’t feel like it.

Being Positive

You usually think that you don’t want to waste your energy thinking about negative circumstances happening in your life. You are fast in taking actions and try to help yourself to rebound and feel better from the outside and inside. You don’t complain, you use your logic to overcome your problems, and you find your way to thinking positively and ignoring the drama around you. It’s believed that positive thinking is a mental and emotional attitude focusing on the bright side of everything around you. Not everyone is capable of doing so, sometimes people let their circumstances overwhelm and consume them. So if you know how to think positively, even if you don’t feel like it, know you’re hella strong.

Thinking of The Future

Strong people don’t focus, and dwell on the past. Instead, they focus on their future, their plans, goals and things they want to accomplish. They see that the past is history, and that there is nothing more to be done to change it. They believe in tomorrow, and that they are in complete control of it. Mourning on the past will only keep you from experiencing the good in the present.

Exhibiting Happiness, Even When Not

We all go through this one way or the other. In family gatherings, in outing with friends, or at work. We always tend to fake how NOT sad or upset we are, to avoid all sorts of questions about why we’re feeling or acting this way. That much faking requires strength, because you deliberately choose to ignore whatever it is that’s bothering you, and just take in as much of the present as possible. It’s difficult, to be able to master hiding how you feel, specially when you don’t want to, because it requires less effort and is easier to breakdown. People who struggle to accept their negative emotions and at the end know how to deal and navigate through them are superheroes.

Tolerating Discomfort

Sometimes, we find ourselves in situations we can’t detach and separate ourselves from. Having the ability to tolerate elements in your life that bring you stress, unease, and agitation, requires immense amounts of maturity and robustness. Not all people can handle such circumstances, specially when done with grace. We all find ourselves put in situations we feel uncomfortable in, from dealing with people that pressure us, to having to handle awkward social situations. It happens on a daily basis, and most times, they’re hard to process. Yet you, get yourself together, and act as if nothing can ever bother you!

Moving On

Remember the times when you were so convinced that you were gonna feel like this for the rest of your life? When you were so engrossed in whatever it is you were going through, you lost hope, but then found that with time, you were moving on? It happens to the best of us, and nobody is immune to feeling this way. But come to think of it, you realize that life stops at nothing, and with nothing. You learned that everything has an end, and that sooner or later, you will move on. Every day is a lesson, and strong people, by time, know how to prioritize their lives, and not get affected by subliminal and trivial things anymore. It is truly one of the most empowering things you can train yourself to doing.