5 Things To Start Doing Before 2017 Ends!

Today’s the first of October! We’re 9 months into 2017 and we’re barely aware of the time we’re losing and not taking advantage of. Each year, millions of us try to come up with new new-year’s resolutions and life choices, to work on and accomplish through out the year. We usually think 12 months is plenty of time, only one month after New Year’s Eve, the passion and eagerness we had a month before get distinguished.

So how about we ditch the annual planning, and get to the monthly planning? Monthly planning allows you to make small attainable goals that you can achieve in shorter intervals of time, hence giving you the feeling that you’re accomplishing things, and eventually pushing you to focus and never lose drive. We’re three months away from 2018, and the way I see it is, three months is good enough time to start working on these next 5 things.

Save Money

Summer has shut it’s doors, and with that the days of traveling, shopping and taking spontaneous road trips with your friends are long gone, specially with schools starting. Now is the time where you can actually save up some cash, even if it’s as little as 30% from your monthly salary/income. Keep the money in a jar away from your everyday items, so you don’t pick up a habit of taking money from your savings. Be loyal to yourself, you’ll need this money next Summer for a trip outside the country.

save money
Quit A Bad Habit

If there is a habit of yours that’s been bothering you, quit it the moment you feel like doing it. Whether it was spending way too much time glued to your screens, smoking, too much gossiping and so on, all you need is to be honest with yourself about your bad habits, and a little bit of perseverance and dedication to fully recover and cleanse yourself from unhealthy habits or unwanted attention.

Get Healthy

You’ll thank yourself years from now when following this one right here. Junk food is delish, but they have nasty effects over the years. Change your eating patterns and behavior, and build yourself a body that you know will be able to withstand old-age. Also, try to read more about what triggers emotional eating and if there are ways to trick your brain around it. Going to the gym would also go a long way by time.

emotional eating
Help More People

Life is filled with downs, but they can be a tad bearable when we learn to help and be there for each other in which ever way we can. Never be cheap with your help. If you think you can assist someone then do it, and by time, people will reciprocate because no one is immune to go through hardships or fight battles. From offering a shoulder to be cried on, to volunteering in charity, every good deed counts and makes a difference. Never belittle them.

Take Care Of Yourself

Taking care of yourself and your wellness is a must, but we get too busy with work, family and other commitments to actually sit back, relax, deal and confront with what is bothering us. Being honest with yourself and others is a huge step towards emotional wellness and a clear conscious. Figure out your hobbies too, and do what you love. Whether it was art, singing, or meditation, whatever lets you get back in touch with your creative side.

Love yourself

You don’t have to abide by the above list. You can have a whole bunch of different to-do’s, as long as they assist you in your journey towards self-improvement.