5 Things I Wish Would Be Invented!

Everyday before going to sleep, I usually have a couple of moments thinking about unrealistic things, situations, conversations, fantasies, and weird things that would make our lives easier had they been invented. Maybe life would be much easier and a lot of fun situations will happen if those unrealistic things existed. Those ideas usually stay as ideas in our minds because we need an inventor! Here are 5 of my unrealistic and funny inventions, that I believe most of you can relate to.

Smell Saver

I bet you too had these moments before. You smelled a heavenly smell from a perfume, and you just wanted to document it any way possible, like voice notes, to be able to use again. Words fail us sometimes when describing a scent, and by time scent fades away from the back of our minds. We have heard of many applications that can tell you the name of a song or a movie, but we need an app that tells you the name of a scent too.

Time Machine

We have traveled to countries but we haven’t experienced traveling in time yet. It has once been said by a scientist many years ago, that time travel may not be possible now, but it is also not impossible. He stated that there is not one rule in mathematics or physics that supports the argument of time travel, but nothing that actually denies it, either. Time travel has been a topic of discussion for many many years now, and it is about time they made one. It’s 2017 people.

Flying Cars

Heading to your car every day, knowing you’ll be spending a minimum of an hour on your way to work on Cairo’s congested streets is something like that of a horror movie. And I think I can speak for everyone when I say that I have wished my car had wings, and can just fly me to my destination. Imagine how much time we would save. I know many prototypes are being built, but nothing is actually out in the market yet.

Flying Car
Mind Reader

Imagine giving a presentation at school or work, and having more than 20 pairs of eyes looking at you, pretty scary right? What’s even scarier is knowing that they must be thinking about something, possibly something that has to do with you and your performance, but hey, you’re not a mind reader. Wouldn’t it be swell if we can read minds, get some insight if the person opposite to us is speaking the truth, lying, or impressed? I’m sure no one wants to turn out like Mel Gibson in What Women Want, bombarded and interrupted by the thought. An option to turn them on and off would be nice.

People's mind
Food Printer

Only foodies will relate. Craving certain types of food or dessert at a certain moment and just wish you could search for a picture and download it right to your plate. How amazing, time-saving, and convenient would that be?