5 Ways To Help You Organize Your Time In Ramadan!

Although Ramadan is our favorite month of the year but it is usually accompanied by some struggles to some of us. Our daily routines completely change and our bodies take a few days to accommodate, but surely, it will adapt. Only one problem remains, time! No matter how hard we try, or how fast we attend to our duties, time insists on slipping away from us, only to find that at the end of the day, you have accomplished nothing. Managing your time in Ramadan isn’t easy, at all, and we know that. But when Ramadan comes to an end, you will regret not having taken advantage of it. All these goals and objectives that you had planned, and none of them accomplished. Time is a double edged sword, and we are here to help you with five simple steps to make sure you make the most out of everyday in Ramadan.

1- Plan Your Sleep

What keeps us alive is water, oxygen, food, and SLEEP! Make sure you sleep 6-8 hours daily during Ramadan as it’s a major influence on our health. Plan for your sleeping hours in advance and follow this plan.

2- Plan Your Shopping

Shopping is a chore we all love, but it could be a complete time-waste in Ramadan. Try to write down all that you need before Ramadan commences, from home necessities, to grocery shopping, whatever it may be, list it down, and go get them. Also, try to stick to the list, will you?

3- Plan Your Social Media and TV Viewing

Did you know that there are more than 37 TV series to be played on the small screen this Ramadan? Adding the hundreds of TV ads, how many hours of your precious day are you willing to give to TV. Watch the trailers and decide what you want to watch, figure out their timings, and go on with your day. Don’t stay glued to the couch in front of the TV, and take your social media addictions down a notch. It’s the same posts over and over. Move on. Trying to fit family, friends, hobbies and practicing religious duties into your day is exhausting on its own, and the equation doesn’t need anymore variables.

4- Plan Your Family & Friends Gatherings

Ramadan means gatherings! Meeting up with family and friends is fun, but during Ramadan, these gatherings are extra cozy and special. But like all Ramadan activities, too much of anything can’t be good. Try to plan your outings ahead, and stick to a maximum number of outings, of your own choosing, per week. Only you know what you have planned for this Ramadan, and only you would know where your priorities lie.

5- Plan What Goes Into Your Body

Remember last Ramadan, how you felt super lazy and crammed with food? You would go lie down in front of the TV for what was supposed to be an hour or two tops, only to find that’s its midnight or 1:00 AM in the morning, and you’re forced to go to sleep because you have work the next day.

Make sure you eat to nourish your body with what it needs to be fully sustained, and help you go on about your day, rather than having your body be the reason why you’re a couch potato, and having done nothing of value all day.