5 Ways You Can Use TODO Brownies As Christmas & New Year’s Eve Treats

Reasons why everyone loves brownies come in many different answers. Breakfast or dessert, TODO brownies have become a household name ever since their release in the markets and people still go nuts if they can’t find them in their neighboring grocery stores.

With the approaching holidays season, Christmas and New Year’s Eve always consist of gatherings, presents and lots of good delicious food. And while you might be struggling to think of new desserts to bring to your friend’s Christmas dinner party, we have thought of 5 easy ways you can turn TODO brownies into indulgent desserts that everyone will surely drool over.


If you’re looking for some quality time first thing in the morning, try heating the brownies in a microwave for a few seconds.  They will be warm and melt in your mouth. Coffee would go great with the warm brownies.


Winter is just around the corner, so try to take advantage of the seasonal fruits and use them as toppings for your brownies tray. Bananas, strawberries, and pomegranates are all absolutely delicious with TODO brownies.


The best time of the year to have ice-cream isn’t Summer, it’s in December. Try TODO brownies with a scoop of ice-cream, and maybe even drizzle a little chocolate syrup on top. Absolutely heavenly.


Are you fond of marshmallows? Try putting your brownies in the oven, with a layer of marshmallow goodness on top, and watch the little delicates melt and cover every inch of your brownies tray. Wait till the top layer is golden brown, and good luck trying to save some for the party.


If by the end of the night, there happened to be some brownie left overs, you can make brownie shake by cutting the brownie squares into pieces, and add milk, coffee (if you like), and chocolate syrup. Blend until no pieces of brownie are seen. Pour into favorite drinking cup, and you can add whipped cream and chocolate syrup or nuts as toppings if you want.

You can also turn it into a hot drink by heating the milk first before you add it to the blender.

They’re very easy and take minimal amounts of time to make, and once you try one of these recipes, you are going to want to try all of them.

Bon appetit!