So You Only Wear Your Hijab In Ramadan?

You know those people who wear the Hijab only during Ramadan, and then take it off the moment the month is over? We’ve all had a couple of friends in school who did that and we always wondered how they thought! What makes them belittle the Hijab so much to make them believe they could put it on one day and take it off the next? Hijab isn’t a game.

This is probably what most people think. It is also, what I myself, used to think, even though I am not veiled myself. But I grew up believing this; believing that you cannot put on the veil just to please God during one month of the year and then take it off during the rest. If you decided to put it on, then you have got to be committed to it during the rest of the year.

But little did I understand, and know, that this was some people’s way of getting closer to God. They are not being hypocrites, they are not lying to themselves or anyone else. They are just trying to become better people, and this was the only way they knew how to accomplish that.

This does not only apply to people who wear the Hijab during Ramadan, it is about everyone who tries to change during this month but ends up being judged by almost everyone else around them.

People have different ways of getting closer to God, and the approaches may vary from one person to another. Some people who might not practice praying, decide to start praying. Others decide to stop smoking, and some others take it to the level of cutting off on social gatherings and focus solely on attending to religious tasks and devoting their entire time to God. But however big or small the act is, people always find their way of judging the person who is trying to change and make fun of them, and let’s agree, we are all guilty of it.

But what we don’t realize is that this is the point of Ramadan. Ramadan is the month of change. It is the month of getting closer to God, and everyone has their own way of doing it. It might look stupid to you, but to the other person, he is taking a big step, and might be fighting battles and demons you know nothing about. What could be easy for you, might not be as easy for someone else. What could be difficult for you, might be easy for someone else. God created us differently, with different capacities and energies and different approaches of getting closer to Him and becoming better individuals.

I know a lot of people who have changed a lot of habits during Ramadan and those mended habits have stuck with them to this very day.  It wasn’t achievable from the very first try and it took them more than a Ramadan to reach their goals, but it eventually happened.

Bottom line is, let’s stop judging each other people and let’s leave the judgment to God. Because only He knows what our true intentions really are. Let’s focus on what we need to change within ourselves and let people be at peace.

Let’s get rid of the habit of judging others this Ramadan.