The Best Cozy Places with Perfect Coffee in New Cairo

We all agree that one cup of coffee can make or break your day. It can even turn a dull Tuesday morning into Thursday’s excitement.  Well, may be not but the cold days are coming and we all look for warm cozy places where we can hang out. Whether we want to have a chat over coffee or get things done. Enough with international expensive coffee places; it is time to support these awesome local coffee shops that offers the tastiest coffee and the comfiest space.

1. EspressoLab

Point 90, 5th settelment

One of the coolest coffee places that recently opened in New Cairo. You can smell the fresh coffee grinding all over the place and before you even get into “the lab”. The space is cozy, creatively designed to be your favorite spot. Perfect place for studying and getting things done. Even if you forgot your laptop they have iPads on all the shared tables free to use.

Their Signature drink is the Cold Coffee Brew

2. Qahwa

The W at the Waterway, 5th Settlement

If you are looking for an everyday place; Qahwa should be your destination. The place is elegantly decorated with modern Arabic touch, wooden floors and white colored furniture. This gives you a laid-back feeling and comfortable vibes once you get it. You can head there for a quick coffee, an early breakfast or to get work done. The only drawback is not having WiFi available (I hope anyone from the management is reading this now, seriously I would go there everyday if they have internet!)

Their Signature drink is the french Vanilla Latte and the Blueberry Ice Blend


3. Caribou

Concord Plaza, 5th Settlement

Their slogan is “Life is short, stay awake for it”. The recently opened coffee place Caribou is starting off with a truck roaming 5th settlement and distributing samples. And as they write on their cups “Because alarm clocks don’t always do the trick” We are definitely trying their coffee soon!