The 8 Things I’ve Learned After Graduating College

Another milestone is achieved and ticked off the to-do list. Graduating college, finally, after 17 or so years of continuous education, cramming all the information about the things that matter and don’t, has finally paid off. Kind of. It’s been a year since I held my bachelor’s degree, holding it like a trophy with my mouth open wide. It felt like a victory, but little did the past-me know that there’s an even bigger battle to fight.

Friends come and go

You’ll part ways with the people whom you never parted way for the past four years or so. You each have a different career plan, and when life comes in to play, with plans and events popping up, you’ll find the connection you had grown thinner. You’ll be busier, working, traveling, meeting new people, and that’s okay, rather than keeping in touch every day, it maybe every few weeks or months. It’s kind of a lesson we get to learn in the aftermath, to always remember to treasure the moments you have with people in their time.

Responsibilities are real

Driving to work every day, feeding yourself and buying your dream bag from your own hard earned money. Feeling like you’re ‘adulting’ is a great belief, but not when it comes to actually doing it every day. With the rising prices that we’re flooding with these days, it comes about time to finally realize what your ‘wants’ and ‘needs’ are. And trust me, when it comes to saving up and working long hours in vain of buying something you’ve wanted for a while, words simply can’t describe how rewarding it is.

What is social life?

You’ve met new people; your social crowd, including old mates, would be growing all right. But sometimes, having to go out every day or even once a week to catch up and just have a bit of fun may be more of a dream than a reality, because you might be busy with some work overload, tired, or have errands to run. The bright side of that is that, regardless of the fact that you might not be seeing your friends every day, but with the power of social media, you’d still be communicating, which nowadays, is considered the same thing to some people.


The hobbies that you’ve wished to indulge and learn more about back in college, can all be done once you’ve graduated. You’ve got a bit of time before finding a job, so please, get on it! Read books, learn photography, follow your passion. Because sometimes, you may actually follow through with these hobbies, and could become your future professions.

Getting a job!

Don’t jump on the first job interview, accept and just move on with it. Take your time, find a job in something you would actually enjoy doing, and really fight for it. It doesn’t have to be a job reflecting your degree because sometimes, getting a job you know you would like, plus having experience in, works out better for you. And by the way, job-hopping isn’t a good thing, so pick your job right and stay there, learn more, getting extra experience and believe in yourself that you’ll excel in it. 

Relationships? Meh.

Getting accepted to a job where as your colleagues and friends are either engaged, in a relationship or even married can make it a bit stressful, especially if you’re single. You might find your self-wondering whether you start ‘looking’ for someone, maybe you need to get married soon. But hold up, you’ve just graduated college, so don’t stress your self and take one milestone at a time, my friend.

Challenges. Who isn’t up for one?

What’s life without challenges, right? But with getting a job, you’ll be challenged on so many things. The good is that you will be testing your capabilities and limits if a load of tasks just smacked your desk with a deadline. It would be challenging then, however, after accomplishing it, you would have learned a valuable lesson. For yourself, which is the most important thing in the world after college.


You’ll understand so much about what you like and don’t like. You’re in a mature environment, so you have to act accordingly. If you’re one who says ‘yes’ to anything, even when you don’t want to, you’ll learn to say ‘no’. Why? Because you’ll go through so many situations that you’ll understand what you really want, you’ll learn to put yourself first, and there’s no shame about that. If you want to go home and sleep instead of going out, then just do that. Understand that self-fulfillment is the key in the life after college.

Life after college is completely different, and it doesn’t come close to what they taught you at school. Because you know, life happens and stuff. Don’t be discouraged and take it as a challenge, because that’s part of life. Try and make the best out of it!