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Ahl Masr Suhoor

Ahl Masr Second Annual Suhoor Will Blow You Away!

Egypt never sleeps! A saying we repeatedly hear and during Ramadan, this couldn’t be any truer. Whether it’s morning or midnight, Cairo’s streets are filled with people everywhere. One of our favorite things to do, is going out for Suhoor. We, girls in particular, love going out for Suhoor, since it’s the only time during the year we get to stay past our curfews. Restaurants & cafes, hotels and food carts are open every day in Ramadan to serve their guests with the most delicious Iftar and Suhoor meals. When it comes to food, we don’t like missing out, which is why we make sure we go check that newly-opened restaurant, or stop by that cart that got such good reviews.

This time, you’re invited to attend a Suhoor organized by Ahl Masr in honor of helping burn victims.

Ahl Masr Foundation Second Annual Suhoor

The amazing team behind Ahl Masr Burn Hospital has been working very hard to help all burn victims, but this Ramadan they made a spectacular event for everyone to attend in hopes of raising more money that will help the victims and focus on their rehabilitation. This year, Ahl Masr Burn Hospital and Omar Khairat have joined forces and have put together a Suhoor concert at Mena House Hotel, where all proceeds from the Suhoor tickets will fund Ahl Masr non-profit Burn Hospital.

The Suhoor is set to take place on the 9th of June at Mena House Hotel. Accompanied by the amazing view of The Pyramids and an exclusive live performance from the esteemed Omar Khairat, this is guaranteed to be marked as one of the most special Ramadan nights this year. The Suhoor is Ramadan-themed and the dress code is Ramadan attire, Kaftans for women and smart casual attire for men.

Make sure you reserve your table by calling the number (01091090958). Ticket prices are not announced yet, but you can follow their Facebook event to stay updated.

It’s great that you want to help people everywhere you go but with Ahl Masr, they make it so much easier for you and bring the initiatives to you! All you should do is attend an unusual amazing Suhoor with your family or friends, while listening to Omar Khairat’s exclusive performance and helping burn victims with your ticket money, all at once.

Ahl Masr Second Annual Suhoor Will Blow You Away!


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