Aromanoma is The New Creative Way To Help You Reduce Your Stress!

Busy lives and routines are not an option to any of us anymore. Whether during Ramadan or after, hassle is only the norm. Attending to daily tasks and errands, whilst balancing relationships, work duties and everything in between can take its toll on individuals. It can cause stress, anxiety, and many physical problems. You, and a lot of people reading can relate. You’re looking back and contemplating whether you are taking proper care of yourself, after being exposed to such agonizing amounts of stress just getting through your day.

People have their versions of healing. Some travel, some meditate, and others follow a nurturing and a healthier diet, but in the end, we’re all in the same boat.

Old school has always been our mother’s and grandmothers’ favorite and most trusted approach, which explains why they are big fans of aromatherapy. The herbs and essential oils used in the process are guaranteed to calm you and treat physical problems like headaches. After Iftar in Ramadan or any other day during the year, we usually are in massive need of such treatments. Aromatherapy will bring you peace and will help in relieving stress, relaxing the body, and promoting better sleep. It will also balance the body physically, mentally and emotionally.

It has been known for centuries, and some people still prefer to use aromatherapy to this day. It’s a process where people use specific oils to smell or to rub on their bodies, for many different purposes, each depending on the function and properties of the oil. The most famous oils used for calming are coconut and lavender oils and for headaches are orange and peppermint oils.

A new innovative product has hit the market and it incorporates old school conventional aromatherapy with jewelry. It is called “Aromanoma

Aromanoma takes aromatherapy to a whole new level, where you can wear necklaces and bracelets, to look and feel good, all at once. The jewelry diffuses healthy oils, that evaporates in the air around you, creating an aroma around you of serenity and tranquility. The jewelry comes in many shapes and styles, to please all tastes, and the video below illustrates how the product works.



Currently in Egypt, shipping fees and taxes have skyrocketed and most of us cannot afford to purchase most of the things we’d like. The thing about Aromatherapy is that it’s simple and could be incorporated into your life in whichever form that suits you best. You can get a pendant or a locket necklace, and add a few drops of the essential oils that you can get from their website, on the diffuser pad inside the pendant .

Talking about it has only made us realize how much we’re in desperate need of relaxing. We’re definitely getting one.