Behind The Scenes Of Mega’s New Ice Cream!

Kunafa with Nutella or Mango, Basbousa, Balah El Sham, Sweet Zalabya, Gulash and more! They all, have been people’s favorite desserts in Ramadan for as long as we know. Ramadan is predominantly focused on two things, spirituality, and food. Lot’s of it, and evidently traditional desserts are adored religiously. When we’re having Iftar or Suhoor, let it be at a relative’s place or in a restaurant, we always make sure we make time and room for desserts. Although 100% of the people are aware that these sugar infused desserts are unhealthy and well, sugar infused, but who are we kidding? If we don’t have dessert, we haven’t eaten at all. We’re all for having dessert, in moderate portions of course, only very little people think about having ice-cream for dessert after Iftar.

Recently, social media channels have been talking about Mega’s new ice-cream from Nestlé Egypt with their new released flavor of yogurt and Blackberry sauce which is absolute yum! The hype started a few days prior to Ramadan when some anonymous people and influencers like Alia Awwe started featuring the product and posting reviews about it. Mega’s new ice-cream posts on Facebook went viral and got thousands of likes, shares, and comments. People started mentioning the people they knew to get a taste of the new ice cream.

Right then and there, Mega’s new commercial was airing on our TV’s before we knew it. People went insane and supermarkets and distributors claimed that the product had been in fact sold-out.

Only we can’t help but ask, was this buzz planned by Mega or just another esteemed success in their lot? Social media reviews with thousands of interactions and people go search for the product and it is no where to be found! Was Mega responsible for the false claims of the ice-cream being sold-out, when it wasn’t even released? At all?

Mega ice-cream is one of the most leading in the market, but it is possible that they might have had a slowdown in their sales because of our current economic situation, which consequently made them think of other means to increase the demand for their ice-cream, and that they successfully did. Smart or just plain lucky, they certainly are in the lead again.

On the other hand, if you go search more for it and you found it you might be a lucky one. Yesterday I bought the product and tried it. Honestly, the ice cream is more than delicious and it’s worth the time spent searching for it.