Here’s A Quick Guide To The Best 4 Foul Carts in Cairo!

Ramadan decorations at the streets along with the Egyptian oriental food are what make us embrace the Ramadan spirit everywhere. We anticipate the Suhoor meals and atmospheres year after year. Foul, Falafel, oriental salads and more! Ramadan oriental Suhoor carts have been invading the Egyptian streets and we’re not sure which of them to try. Going out for Iftar is way easier than going out for Suhoor when some people find eating off of a cart, risky. Nevertheless, we still like the whole cart atmosphere, and as long as the food’s good, and the company’s good, nothing can beat those Suhoor nights.

Here we’ve compiled the best Suhoor carts, where you can go and have a blast this Ramadan. There, you will not only enjoy their food, but their amazing ambiance and concept introduced as well.

Khatwa Aziza

Khatwa Aziza is one of the most stunning and unique food carts ever. They mainly introduce a nice concept to their food cart. They have fictional characters consisted of a funny family where they call them Abu Heta, Bahana and their son Azouz. People who visit them can meet these fictional characters.

They serve all oriental Egyptian food that you crave every day in Ramadan from 10 PM until 3 AM. They are located beside Maryland in Heliopolis. Head to Khatwa Aziza Facebook page for further information.


As people love to gather in Ramadan, they made it special for you to gather with your beloved ones at a wide and spacious garden where you will order your Suhoor and enjoy it there. Inspired from the Volkswagen vehicle, they transformed an old Volkswagen to an amazing-looking and delicious food cart.

Their food is one of a kind as they introduced the first Falafel with Nutella along with the famous Egyptian oriental food like pastrami eggs, foul, mozzarella cheese, and other special food recipes.

You can find them at Farid Semika street after Tayran Club, Heliopolis.

Raseef 19

A place where you can enjoy Suhoor, Iftar or anything in between. You will enjoy a nice atmosphere right on the sidewalk where they serve you special food with a variety of unlimited choices. You will also get the chance to play some games when you visit like cards games. They are located at 19 Boutros-Ghali St. in front of Heliopolis Cinema. Know more about them through their Facebook page.

Click here to see their menu.

3arabeyet Foul

Their theme will make you feel the true spirit of Ramadan. They are different but if you visit them, this place will be your favorite. They are located at Tivoli Dome Heliopolis every day from 9 PM till Fajr time. Check out their menu to see all that they serve, and know more about them through their Facebook page.

And there you have it, 4 different trusted locations to have Suhoor. Where will you and your friends be going out for Suhoor tonight?