The Best 4 Places To Buy Your Ramadan Accessories From!

In Ramadan, many of us prepare to celebrate the spirit of Holy month in many ways. Our homes and streets are packed with Ramadan decorations, homes filled with delicious feasts and our new wardrobe of Ramadanian iconic pieces and outfits. Like anytime of the year, women care about their fashion, and with many gatherings and Suhoor outings happening, who wouldn’t want to look their best? Closets filled with Kaftans, Abayas, wide printed colorful pants and other different articles of cloth that symbolize Ramadan. Adding some silver accessories to your outfits has the power to transform any normal look into a spectacular and authentic Ramadanian look.

We’ve compiled for you the best online store picks where you can buy superb silver accessories to add that Ramadanian pop to your outfit.

Atef Wassef Silver

One of the best online stores and they have been in the business of selling silver jewelry since 1962. They sell different styles that would certainly please many tastes. Rings, necklaces, earrings or bracelets, their jewelry can be worn on any of your Ramadan outfits.

Check their Instagram account to know more about them and their collections.

Azza Fahmy Jewellery

Azza Fahmy is an Egyptian jewelry designer. Her jewelry is unique because it is inspired by the Egyptian culture, and she’s considered to be one of the best and most prominent jewelry designers in the region. Each piece you will make you shine and will be a statement piece in your outfit.

Azza Fahmy Jewellery is operating since 1969 and she runs an online shop that ships worldwide.

Get to know more about her and purchase her items through her website and Instagram account. 

Tajally Silver

Look nowhere for a piece that suits the spirit of Ramadan more. They currently have a variety of collections, but they also have customized accessories like rings with names and necklaces that are mixed with pearls and other gemstones. You will also find most of their accessory pieces related to history, religion or carrying a meaning in one way or another, just like the Holy Kaaba key. They always make sure that the audience understands each piece meaning.

Get in touch with Tajally Silver through their Instagram account.

Mema Elshafey

Her instagram biography says it all, a ‘Fashion Buyer, Beauty Ambassador, and a Jewelry Designer’, it is no wonder she has such exquisite taste and always on the look for new catchy and out of the box designs that matches all age groups. She does not sell silver accessories but rather hand-made accessories using 18k gold for plating, 925k silver, and various other precious accessories and gemstones. Mema, has managed to exhibit the perfect balance between quality, style, trend and elegance through her products.

Communicate with Mema ElShafy through her website and Instagram account for more on her products and collections.