The Best 5 Ramadan Tents That You Must Visit This Ramadan!

During the first few days in Ramadan, we each enjoy the atmosphere and the vibes in our own ways, whether at home gatherings with the family or going out with friends for Iftar or Suhoor. We are now in the middle of Ramadan and it’s safe to say that some could be bored of going to the same places over and over. It’s about time we tried new places, atmospheres, and food. But where you ask!

Ramadan tents may be the best answer for you. No doubt that we’ve all heard about Ramadan tents that are currently operating, and here we’ve collected for you the best Ramadan tents to visit and be entertained with your family and friends. Ramadan tents operate only for a limited time every year, so we might as well take advantage and visit them while they last.

Si Omar Ramadan Tent

Si Omar Tent is continuing their success as it’s not the first year the tent is opened. People from all ages and different interests visit them. There, you will enjoy amazing Ramadan atmospheres with nonstop entertainment segments for Iftar and Suhoor. You can find them at the Fairmont Heliopolis. What’s also worth mentioning is that the tent is always packed so make sure you reserve through their telephone numbers 01277086744 or 01125631360.

Know more about their upcoming shows, menus, prices and also communicate with them through their Facebook page.

Bab Al Qasr Tent

This is the second Ramadan the tent operates in and they are located at Royal Maxim Palace Kempinski with a lavish environment that you’d definitely enjoy. On Thursdays and Fridays, they welcome some of the Middle East’s biggest stars to entertain you and help you have a one in a lifetime experience. For Iftar prices start from 395+ EGP, and Suhoor starts from 338 EGP on weekdays, and 448 EGP on weekends.

Know all the details of their offered programs through their Facebook event.

Welaad Al Zawat

Welad El Zawaat tent will guarantee you have a special time with your beloved ones accompanied by the tunes of upbeat music and delicious food offered. They are located at JW Marriott Club House Terrace. Prices start from 175 EGP and are open everyday starting 9:30 PM.

Make sure that you reserve by calling these numbers 01009871033 or 0224225588 and check their Facebook page for more information.

Riverside Tent

A unique boutique hotel, Riverside is considered as the best spot in Zamalek. This Ramadan, they too, offer a variety of options of oriental food for Iftar and Suhoor.  Whenever you visit them, you will find many entertainment shows playing along with famous singers and musical bands. Prices start from 150 EGP.

You can reserve your table before you go through their telephone number: 01212801290 or check the events on their Facebook page.

Afandina Fe Mirage Tent

Whether you want to enjoy an unforgettable outing for Iftar or Suhoor, they got you covered with a marvelous environment packed with Ramadanian vibes everywhere. Located in Renaissance Cairo Mirage City Hotel, they offer new entertainment programs every day including music bands in addition to some games. Every Wednesday, they play a game with their visitors as one lucky table will win a 100% discount as a complimentary gift from Afandina Fe Mirage Tent team. They also have a big screen to watch sports matches.

For further information about their prices, menus,  or reservations check their Facebook page.

So many exciting new outings are being planned in our heads now, and none of which we are willing to miss. Make sure you don’t miss out on at least one of these experiences this Ramadan.