The Best Christmas Music List Just For You!

Jingle bell, jingle bell, jingle bell rock! Jingle bells swing and jingle bells ring! Snowing and blowing up bushels of fun! Now the jingle hop has begun! There’s definitely no time like Christmas! The weather is getting colder, Christmas trees are everywhere and its spirit is sparkling all over all places, with all the Christmas decorations hanging in malls and dining areas. It is with no doubt the perfect time to add some extra little passion to the atmosphere, whether you’re in the car driving or shopping or even exercising before you go to work. We have picked the best Christmas songs for all music lovers to boost your mood and help you enjoy the joyful season.

Mary did you know – Pentatonix

It’s so emotional yet religious. If you focus on their vocals and the rhyming, you’ll find it so smooth and delicate. The music will blow your mind away by how beautiful it is. And once you listen to the music and the lyrics, all the Christmas joy will glitter right in front of your soul.


It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas - Johnny Mathis

Remember your family gatherings around the dining table on those Christmas nights? When you listened to those Christmas songs? This one will take you back in time and awaken the Christmas spirit in you.

Let it snow - Michael Bublé

Simple, light music with energetic sense! Subconsciously you will dance and wish that some snow would fall down from the sky to actually feel the spirit while listening to this song. You may need to sway your body with the music!

O Holy Night - Mariah Carey

From oldies and classics, this one is a masterpiece. It’s so relaxing when you listen to it like you’re attending a real live concert. It will stick to your mind all day and night and you’ll keep repeating it, on and on and on!

So This Is Christmas - Celine Dion

Simply one of the breakout songs you must listen to in December!

Do You Hear What I Hear? - Carrie Underwood

You’ll feel like walking through the streets of Paris on those Christmas nights listening to Christmas music everywhere. This one somehow is traditional and also unique.

Run Rudolph Run - Chuck Berry

 Rock Christmas song! It will invigorate you and stir your imagination. Without noticing, you’ll find yourself twisting your belly up and down. They say this song is so good to listen to and dance. Maybe you’ll start learning how to dance just for this song!

Jingle Bell Rock - Glee

No words can possibly describe the feeling you get when you hear this song. Gather with your beloved ones and listen to it while putting the final touches on your Christmas tree and cheer up!

Jingle bell jingle bell jingle bell rock!


Jingle Bells - Christmas Carol

Play it and turn the volume up high because no one will ever get bored of “Jingle Bells” in Christmas!

It is by far the best traditional Christmas song that we got raised on. It gives us that childish feeling of Christmas happiness when we listen to it.  Lift your spirits higher with “Jingle Bells” song!

Merry Christmas!