The Best Foodies You Need to Follow to Have a Mouthwatering Ramadan!

Just a random day during Ramadan where you pass by many social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other websites, you will find most of them featuring food pictures, reviews, restaurants and a lot of other shenanigans from the food industry. Whether it’s for the purpose of advertising or any other purpose, you will find yourself getting addicted to these kinds of posts or reviews. You might find a friend of yours who has written a review about a good place regarding their food or a famous page featuring food dishes from a famous restaurant and talking about how delicious their food is.  In fact, this kind of content shared at any of social media platforms influences in many ways. It influences you in what you cook today, where to go, selection of food choices at certain places and many other things. However, every year in Ramadan has its own kind of buzz in different categories whether in media, advertising, TV series and many other categories. But to be specific in food category, each year has its own taste. Sometimes you find most of the people featuring oriental food and in another year you find people featuring non-traditional desserts. It’s becoming a competition between businesses and foodies in what they will be featuring or selling.  All of them each year take the same direction. As being the audience who see their content everyday, we usually love to enjoy a new food experience and look to see different opinions.
Prepare for your Ramadan table with inspiring food ideas, go out and try new food experiences at a new place only by following some of the best foodies online where they will recommend places and food dishes for your Iftar and Suhoor as well.

Egyptian Foodies

Egyptian Foodies is one of the most well known online foodies. They feature the best places where they serve food, write reviews and post a lot of videos that will make you hungry. They have got more than 56K followers on Instagram and 742K fans on Facebook.

Cairo Foodie Couple

A married couple featuring food reviews, cooking tips, and recipes who go by the name Cairo Foodie Couple. How cute is this! What makes them unique is doing what they really love to do and enjoying it. Their pictures and posts will make you lick your lips in hunger. Also, they post many videos on their Facebook page and they’re active in their Instagram stories where you can check them live most of the time. Check their Facebook page and Instagram account. 

The Hungry Giraffe

The Hungry Giraffe is one of the most credible sources where you see real food reviews whether on food products, cafes or restaurants. They mainly feature their pictures, reviews on their official Instagram account and Facebook page, and guess what, a website writing articles about their food reviews and mentioning if they were invited to write a review or just the stumbled over that product or place. Their accounts are light, simple and really cheerful to follow!

Cairo Spots

Cairo Spots has a clear vision about what they do. They feature spots in Cairo and communicate them to the people to convince them that our place is full of amazing places to visit and food to try. As they mention they connect with your favorite spots, share them, review them and know more about them, in a stunning user-friendly directory interface that lists only the places that are worth mentioning. You can get to see their amazing reviews on their website, Facebook page, and Instagram.

Each foodie account has its own identity and mission to achieve. Follow them because they are really worth it.
May you have a mouthwatering Ramadan!