One Of The Best Places To Visit This Summer!

Traveling is the best remedy that we must cease whenever possible! We need to visit places that embrace the beauty of nature and help us forget about our loaded fast-paced lives. From the positive vibes to the beachy air, to the sun and the sea view to everything else. You indulge in all these sceneries to refresh your soul and mind. Although, sometimes during the summer, you could be unlucky and have a work schedule that prevents you from enjoying a few days away from the stressful city. Only here we got you one of the most magical places where you can enjoy throughout your weekend without having the need to take more days off of your annual balance. If you ever feel like you’re out of options of vacation spots, this place is perfect as a last minute getaway.

Al Fayoum has been known for many years for its non-traditional magic. A place where you will feel you are transitioned to a realm of calmness, beauty, and magic. This place is considered as one of the best destination to go and escape your daunting tasks. At Al Fayoum you won’t risk wasting a second without trying a new activity. You can visit many places while you’re there like Wadi El Rayan, Waterwheels, Qarun Lake, Wadi Al-Hittan, Souq Qantara and more other amazing locations that you have to see and experience. And to guarantee you have an unforgettable stay, you must go to Lazib Inn Resort & Spa hotel.

Lazib Inn Resort & Spa

It’s an authentic Egyptian escape, and is considered as one of the best luxurious hotels. Located in the heart of Tunis village and overlooking Qaroun Lake, this royal countryside retreat reflects the marvelous nature of beauty with exceptional personalized services. Lazib Inn Resort & Spa features 8 Oasis suites; distinctively designed, each with a unique character, to combine style, charm and exquisite attention to details. The hotel offers best hospitality services with international cuisines.

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This spot did not get its fair shot in being a favorite amongst vacationers, and it’s time some light was shed on it. Stop visiting the same old places, and try new exciting and fun locations.