Get To Know The Best Ramadan Dessert By Cinnabon Egypt!

Just like any normal Ramadan day juggling between work, home and family and friends, you find yourself shutting down in the middle of the day. Your energy is running out and you need a refill to continue your day. You stop and think how many hours left for Iftar time. You start surfing the social media networks and scroll down your newsfeed, hoping that you can find things that will distract you while you fast from thinking about food, only to find your newsfeed saturated with posts about Ramadan food, from amazing dessert creations like the Nutella Kunafa, Mango Kunafa, Basbousa, Goulash, and Balah El Sham to more of other Ramadan inspired food. Perhaps at the beginning of Ramadan those desserts might have turned quiet a few heads and made you crave more of those mouthwatering delectables, but now halfway into Ramadan, we got used to them. About time for something new? I think so too.

Earlier today, while scrolling through my newsfeed I found a new dessert creation by Cinnabon Egypt reviewed by Egyptian Foodies. This dessert creation is just what we need, a blend of oriental mouthwatering desserts with a Cinnabon twist! This dessert is exactly what you should try now after your Iftar.

Basically, Cinnabon Egypt never misses a chance to introduce a new delicious creation that will satisfy both our eyes and tummies. Especially for Ramadan, they re-released the popular Cinnabon bites in a Ramadan platter. It’s introduced with different types of flavors. 3 different flavors from Ramadan theme like Basbousa, Oriental Pistachio & Honey, and Kunafa and 3 other types, Classic, Pecan, and Choco. It’s available in a box that contains 24 to 30 pieces and prices range from 125 EGP to 150 EGP.

I couldn’t resist and went and bought the new creation. Those bites were crispy, crunchy, yet moist and scrumptious and I enjoyed that blend of taste! This box is coming from heaven. Break the rules and try something new and delicious this Ramadan by Cinnabon Egypt.