‘Break Free’ With Adidas’ Stirring Ignored Ad.

It’s always a shame when good talent is gone unnoticed, especially when it is done with devotion and heart!

Eugene Merher, a rising 26-year-old film-maker has gone viral after creating an emotional Ad for Adidas in the name of 'Break Free'.

The video portrays a wretched elder in a grim soul-sucking retirement home. The man is depressed and is seen to be in a constant state of melancholy, possibly contemplating his life and his miserable stay at the retirement home. And then one day, his old pair of worn out Adidas sneakers catch his eye.

He decides to go for a run, only the retirement home staff stops him before he could step out the door. Several failed attempts followed, but his perseverance eventually had its way. His retirement home buddies help him out the door, and the old man is seen running, free as a bird.

Unfortunately, this short film/ad never got to make it on TV because Adidas completely ignored Merhers attempts of communication.

“We tried sending it to [Adidas’] communications department but they didn’t really react.”

But luckily for Eugene this has worked out pretty well as it has gone viral across all social media platforms.

Watch and see for yourself, and make sure tissues are within arms reach!