Cafelluca: The Best Ramadan Outing

Ramadan is the best time of the year to gather with our beloved ones, family, and friends and create memories that remain in our hearts. It is a month to bond spiritually with God and spend more time with those we hold most dear. People from around the world, Muslims and non-Muslims alike, appreciate the significance of Ramadan and non-Muslims like to celebrate with their fellow Muslim friends, neighbors and coworkers by attending Iftar and Suhoor feasts, decorating their spaces, and even inviting Muslims over to their homes for Iftar.

We usually have that one thing that bothers us during the Holy month. Where should we have Iftar today? Cairo’s streets are saturated with cafes and restaurants, and saturated is an understatement. Every cafe is like the other with almost nothing special to accompany the special Ramadan atmosphere, and it’s annoying. Looking for a unique spot to accommodate you and your beloved ones in a city that never sleeps shouldn’t be hard, if you knew where to look.


What’s better than enjoying a charming view of the Nile river during the sunset with a delightful Ramadan Iftar. Usually, Feluccas are traditional sailboats sailing on the Nile river, where everyone can enjoy the ride in any season or occasion during the year, but going on a Felucca ride in Ramadan in specific should be a new experience. Set your mood now for a ride that you will never forget.

Introducing Cafelluca, an oriental Felucca boat with exceptional decorations and view where it keeps sailing on the Nile. They have set menus with wide selections of food and beverages to choose from that will surely please all tastes. The ride supposedly lasts several hours with an Iftar menu worth 350 EGP and Suhoor for 220 EGP. You can also reserve the entire boat for a private outing which will definitely be a worthy experience. Whether going out with family, friends or work colleagues, Cafelluca is the best for all. Check out their Facebook page for further information on how to reserve, numbers, and prices.

Watch this video and tell us this isn’t an experience you’d want to have.